8 Powerful Home Design Ideas Using Bar Stools With Backs


Home Design Ideas Using Bar Stools With Backs

Bar stools with backs are the perfect pieces of furniture to add an elegant and stylish touch to your kitchen island or breakfast bar. However, if you want to use them as extra seating in your living room, they can look out of place and uninviting if they’re not designed correctly.

To ensure your bar stools have a huge impact on any space you place them in, try implementing these eight powerful home design ideas using bar stools with backs.

Use bar stools with backs as side tables

If you’re working with a smaller home, you can make it feel larger by using bar stools with backs as side tables. Stick one behind a sofa or chair, and suddenly you have even more surface area without crowding.  Choose your stools carefully, though: If they’re too high, there’s no way for kids or adults to use them as seats; they are too low and become toddler obstacles. Make sure they’re at counter-height or just above it, and you’ll create an extra seat in any room.

Keep them free of clutter to make room for their most important purpose: holding drinks! Even when not in use, bar stools look cool—and act as anchors that tie together your decorating scheme from floor to ceiling. Plus, if you ever move into a bigger house or downsize (or want a different color), these seating elements will be easy to take along.

One of the perfect stools for this type of design is the Swivel bar stool by Ashley Furniture Industries. This stool gives the perfect balance between fashionable and farmhouse with the mixed materials of finished black metal, wood, and engineered wood. Designed with a 360-degree swivel for easy mounting and dismounting, cushioned seat upholstered with linen colored polyester and nailhead trim, it all comes together in a gorgeous vintage black and white finish to give a rustic look.

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Swivel bar stool by Ashley Furniture Industries

Put them behind the couch

If you have a small living room, and especially if you have a smaller L-shaped sofa or sectional couch, you may find that it looks odd with pillows and cushions in front of it. To add some visual balance to your seating area, consider placing bar stools with backs behind your sofa. You can leave them empty or fill them with decorations—and then use them as extra seating when needed! Plus, they can work in tandem with other pieces of furniture in your living room—for example, by serving as end tables alongside a smaller armchair. This concept works best if you have bar stools without arms since those will provide enough space for additional chairs to slide next to them and form an L shape in your area. You can use the Flash Furniture 2 Pack Contemporary White Plastic barstool with back to add glamor to your home. Choose the same color or mix it up, and the result will be stunning. With a contoured ABS seat, a low back cutout design, a 360° swivel seat with a chrome base and footrest, this contemporary style fits nicely in your kitchen, bar, or dining room.

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Flash Furniture 2 Pack Contemporary White Plastic Adjustable Height Barstool with Rounded Cutout Back and Chrome Base

Incorporate bar stools with backs into your kitchen

To add an element of casual elegance to your dining area, it’s easy to incorporate bar stools into your kitchen. You can mix and match various styles and materials or opt for a set of matching stools for a cohesive look. The versatility of bar stools with back means you can use them in any room in your home—whether that’s additional seating at a desk or workspace, as extra storage underneath (they make great nightstands), or even in place of footstools at the bedside. You can opt for this Christopher Knight Home 295977 Ogden Barstool. This stool has a chic, modern and edgy design. Ideal for small spaces as it is light and compact. It can also be paired with a faux fur seat for a more sophisticated and comfortable touch.

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Incorporate bar stools with backs into your kitchen

Use bar stools with back to organize your entry way

An elegant way to make a space look more open and organized is to keep your entryway free of clutter. In many homes, however, that’s easier said than done. Finding a place for everything can be tricky, but bar stools with backs are a great solution for organizing an entryway without taking up too much space. You can try this charming bar stool design by SUPERJARE Bar Stools Set of 2 to livens up your space and organize your entryway with its unique, eye-catching design that leaves everyone “WOW!”

It fits perfectly in bars, kitchen counters, coffee shops, etc. This stool provides more stability and sturdiness with a large base and a plastic ring attachment to protect your floors from scratches. In addition, the stainless steel lift mechanism is certified by SGS according to the BIFMA X5.1 standard. Hence, it has the capacity to hold up to 265 lbs in a static state. The seat can swivel 360˚, allowing you to switch directions freely to chat with friends easily. The unique back design will relieve the pressure exerted on your lumbar spine, and the new cushion seat style provides more comfort for you.

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Use bar stools with back to organize your entry way

Use your bar stool with backs for seating over the counter or bar

On top of being an accent piece, bar stools with backs can be a great place to sit at a counter or bar. In your kitchen, use them as extra seating during dinner parties or as a way to hang out with guests while preparing breakfast in bed. In your living room, barstools provide added seating for movie night and make it easy for kids to have snacks without having to perch on regular chairs. No matter where you use them, adding backless stools will add punch and function to any space. Give a try to this Leopard Bar Stools with an air-lift handle for easy height adjustment. Suitable for the kitchen, coffee room, and office space, this stool gives you a more comfortable experience.

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Leopard Bar Stools with Back

Place them beside the kitchen island

If you have a kitchen island in your home, one of the favorite places to position a bar stool with back is alongside it. This will allow multiple people to sit and enjoy a meal together or simply give you another place to sit down and enjoy breakfast in your robe on weekday mornings. This beautiful Set of 2 Counter Height Bar Stools can be placed beside the kitchen island. It is an enticing option for leather lovers. With a back seat dimension of 18’’W x 11’’H, Cushion dimension of 18’’W x 16″ D, this chair is for anyone whose taste leans to “sophisticated.” With a built-in 360˚swivel, high-density resiliency foam, perfect radian design, adjustable height, and footrest, this barstool is built for comfort.

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Set of 2 Counter Height Bar Stools with Backs

Use them as decoration items

Although bar stools with backs are typically used as an additional seating option, they can also be used to add some unique style to your room. By placing a tall back on one of your kitchen or dining chairs, you create a space where guests can relax while you prepare food or drinks. The seat acts as a natural place for them to place their coats and bags. In addition, a tall back can act as a design piece that contrasts with other pieces in your home décor. Instead of choosing traditional bar stools with backs, opt for more modern options made from wood or chrome. For instance, this DHP Luxor 30 bar stool with back is made with a distressed wood seat and sturdy metal frame. Sold in a set of 2, compact, lightweight, and requires simple assembly. This stool has a weight limit of 200 pounds; it is perfect for homes, restaurants, cafés, and more.

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DHP Luxor 30" Wood Seat, Set of 2 Bar Stool, Antique Gun Metal

Have fun in bedrooms with stools under beds

A bar stool with back is an excellent choice for a bedroom. It gives an extra place to rest or place things when getting dressed and undressed in the morning or night. Plus, it allows you to sit down while putting on shoes or a leg of your pants so you can sit comfortably while tying them up. You can even use them as a way to create different looks by pulling out matching colored chairs from under your bed and placing them around your room. For example, if you have blue seats under your bed, pull those out and line them up along one wall of your bedroom; that color will give off a very different feel than if you placed red seats around another wall. For your bedroom, simply try out this Cosmopolitan Ellis stool Gold with a chic, modern and edgy design. It is ideal for small spaces as it is light and compact. This bar stool with back can also be paired with a faux fur seat for a more sophisticated and comfortable touch.

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osmopolitan Ellis stool Gold


The utilization of bar stools with back can make your home design far more exciting and comfortable. The following eight powerful home design ideas using bar stools with backs are not only amazing but very practical as well. So, try these today and enjoy a cozy ambiance in your living space.

Date: 10.03.2022