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how to get nail polish out of a carpet

How to get nail polish out of a carpet, this question we can hear in each house where housewife leaving. The nuisance of spilled nail polish on carpet is common. After all, at home it is convenient to paint your toenails on the floor. If such an incident occurs, you do not need to panic, there are many options to clean the carpet from this complex stain, the main thing is not to make it worse at the first stage.

Table of Contents

  1. Why is it so difficult to remove nail polish from the carpet
  2. Method 1- What immediately comes to mind
  3. Method 2 – How to get nail polish out of the carpet with hairspray
  4. Method 3 – Stain remover
  5. Method 4 – The safest
  6. Method 5 – Laborious
  7. Method 6 – How to get nail polish out of the carpet with baking soda
  8. Method 7 – How to get nail polish out of the carpet with vinegar
  9. Method 8 – How to get nail polish out of the carpet with WD-40
  10. Professional carpet cleaners
  11. Cleaning rules
  12. Checking the reaction to cleaning agent
  13. Features of cleansing long carpet pile
  14. The choice of method depending on the color of the carpet pile
  15. What you can’t clean a colored carpet
  16. Professional dry cleaning
  17. Cleaning features
  18. Conclusion
  19. Video how to get nail polish out of a carpet

Why is it so difficult get nail polish out of carpet

Nail polish is a product designed to beautify women’s nails. It has all the qualities for this:

– Bright color.

– Persistence.

– Drying speed.

And if you apply these qualities to a carpet on which a bright spot flaunts, then a woman is no longer happy that she has such nail polish. There are difficulties in removing both from the carpet and from other fabrics, for example: sofa upholstery, clothing.

Note! Many people have an answer to the question: how to remove spilled nail polish from the carpet, instant – with a nail polish remover. But this option is far from always suitable, because the acetone contained in the remover can ruin the carpet even more than stains.

You can erase, but it all depends on the complexity of the pollution:

– The stain is fresh or dry.

– Dimensions and type. After all, the stain can be from spilled nail polish, and from nails that did not have time to dry, splashes.

– Types. Fashionable gel polish is a tough case, you may have to use dry cleaning services.

The type of carpet that matters. It is easier to remove the stain from the carpet, as there is no lint on it and the colors are dull. It is more difficult to clean the short and medium pile, but the long one is problematic.

Method 1- How to take gel nail polish off

In other words, nail polish remover is used to clean the rug or cloth. More or less safely, cleaning is done with a remover without acetone. Some rules:

– Need a liquid for removing manicure without additives, and transparent.

– Remove the nail polish stain with a white rag so that you can see if the stain is leaving the carpet.

– Before cleaning, we open the windows, but it is better to do it outside. Before using the product on dirt, it is worth trying on an inconspicuous area, if there is one. So it turns out to find out whether it will affect the color of the coating. If the color of the carpet is interrupted on a white rag, the treatment must be stopped immediately.

The process itself will not cause any difficulties – moisten the material with a nail polish remover and clean the surface with gentle movements. Do not rub. And this also applies to carpet and fabrics. You need to continue until the stain disappears. It is worth being patient, as the process is lengthy.

Another way with this tool:

– Pour it on the stain, let it stand for a couple of minutes.

– Blot with a cloth that absorbs moisture. Ideally, it will absorb the nail polish, but this is not always the case.

how to get gel nail polish off

Method 2 – How to get nail polish out of the carpet with hairspray

Non-standard, but might help. You need the same white rag and hairspray product. Try it on a small piece of carpet before you start. Sequencing:

– Spray on the nail polish.

– Blot with a cloth until the nail polish disappears.

Method 3 – How to get off gel nail polish with stain remover

Of course, this is a simple solution – after all, special means do not harm the carpet. Even an all-purpose stain remover that you can buy at a household chemicals store will do.

Instructions for use:

– Apply the product to the nail polish. Let it take action – how long it takes, read on the package.

– Rub the stain of nail polish.

– Wash off the product with clean water.

– Dry the carpet.

Method 4 – The safest way how to remove gel nail polish

You need to mix 1 tbsp. l. liquid soap or detergent with hot water (2 glasses). Mix. Apply this compound to a rag and wipe off the dirt vigorously. The method is not the most effective, but it can help to remove just some nail polish from a carpet. It is based on the mechanical removal of dried nail polish particles.

Method 5 – Laborious is perfect nail polish remover

You need peroxide. Mix with water in a 1: 1 ratio and apply this solution to the stain of nail poilish. Move the carpet outside so that it is exposed to direct sunlight. Moisten the nail polish stain with a solution throughout the day. In this case, the nail polish should evaporate.

Method 6 – How to get nail polish out of carpet with baking soda

This product is not often used in cooking, but it is perfect for removing stains, especially nail polish stains on various surfaces at home. In addition to cleaning the surface from dirt, baking soda also perfectly absorbs odors. Spread baking soda powder evenly over the nail polish stain on the carpet and leave it for half an hour. Then you need to remove the rest of the powder with a vacuum cleaner, the stain will completely disappear. If your carpet is white, you can use salt, starch, or raw potatoes this way.

Method 7 – How to get nail polish out of the carpet with vinegar

Vinegar is often used as a household cleaning agent. Yes, it really can remove stains, but in our case it is not the best solution. “Vinegar is much softer and safer to use on almost any surface in the house when cleaning, but it is unlikely to remove nail polish from the carpet, especially if it is dry.

Method 8 – How to get nail polish out of the carpet with WD-40

Nail polish is almost 100% death to the product, but there is a way to clean the carpet of nail polish yourself. To do this, you need to have a paint thinner or WD-40 at home.

So, will WD-40 get nail polish out of carpet

For old nail polish stains, we recommend using paint thinner or WD-40.

Simply wipe the surface with any of these products, but remember that WD-40 will negatively affect nail polish and may leave light spots on dark carpets. They will subsequently have to be painted over with fabric dye.

Remember to keep safety in mind when working with the WD-40. Wear protective gloves, open windows, and test on a small area of ​​carpet. Better yet, take it to a good dry-cleaner, where they know not only how to remove nail polish, but also how to get rid of mold, grease or other hard-to-remove dirt. After a few hours, your rug will look better than it did the day you bought it.

Professional nail polish remover for carpet

Special carpet solutions penetrate deep into the pile. They are available in the form of a liquid or dry powder.

The peculiarity of such products is that they clean any stains and of course nail polish, do not spoil the carpet. They are selected in accordance with the quality of the pile and the type of coverage.

Unlike household cleaning products, special products are designed for cleaning carpets. They do not damage the material and are highly purified.

nail polish remover

Cleaning carpet from nail polish rules

Following the rules for removing stains from carpet will help preserve the color and quality of the material. The tool is always selected depending on the naturalness of the pile, its color and length.

  • Before using the product, you must check it on an inconspicuous area.
  • Isolate pets to avoid poisoning.
  • Ventilate the room well.
  • A fresh nail polish stain is better removed.
  • Do not wet woolen products too much.
  • To clean an expensive carpet, dry cleaning services are used.

Checking the reaction to cleaning agent

In order to check the effect of the detergent, you need:

– Apply a small amount to an inconspicuous area.

– Wait 5 minutes.

– Wash off.

If the color of the pile has not changed, then you can safely start cleaning.

What you can’t do:

– cut the nail polish;

– apply acetone and solvent on colored pile;

– rub with iron sponges;

– dry with a hairdryer and on a battery.

To preserve the beauty and softness of the carpet, you need to carefully clean the dirty areas.

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Features of cleansing long carpet pile

Long pile rugs are more difficult to maintain. The dropped drop immediately spreads, falling into the material. If it is nail polish you will have some problems with that.

How to remove nail polish from long pile:

– Thoroughly moisten the pile with carpet cleaner.

– Lather and leave for 5 minutes.

– With a wide-toothed comb, gently comb the pile from bottom to top to remove the nail polish.

– Wipe with a clean sponge.

– Dry.

If the nail polish stains are poorly cleaned, you can use a solution of fine salt and 9% vinegar. To obtain the product, dilute 1 tsp in 5 liters of water. each component.

how to get gel nail polish off

The choice of method depending on the color of the carpet pile

Short pile carpets are easier to clean with nail polish. You can remove stains at home without the help of professionals.

If the carpet is colored, there is a problem with the choice of a cleaning agent, since most options contain acetone, alcohol. In order not to spoil the shade of the pile, it is recommended to choose a gentle method.

What you can’t clean a colored carpet:

– liquid for nail polish remover with acetone;

– alcohol;

– solvent;

– some types of stain removers.

Light and white carpet can be cleaned by any means. It is important to test on an inconspicuous area before use.

Professional dry cleaning from nail polish

Specialists use professional cleaning products and powerful vacuum cleaners to clean carpets. At the same time, old stains and nail polish are removed, the color of the fibers is restored.

Cleaning features

For Operation Carpet Rescue to be successful, you need to follow some rules:

– Any means, even safe, to try on a small area of ​​the carpet, it is advisable to choose an inconspicuous angle.

– If there are animals in the house, then isolate them from the nail polish stain – they can lick it. And this is already dangerous for their lives.

– It is better to start removing the nail polish stain right away, because the older it is, the more difficult it is to get rid of.

– If you are not confident in your own abilities, and the carpet is expensive, it is better to use dry cleaning services.


Spilling nail polish on a carpet is not a disaster; it can still be saved. If home remedies do not help, then dry cleaners are now available in any locality.

Video how to get nail polish out of a carpet

Date: 29.08.2021