Ac Not Cooling the House How to Fix?

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Your ac is running but not cooling the house? This article will help you understand why the AC is Not Working, as well as eliminate the cause of the breakdown yourself.


  1. The outdoor unit of the split system does not work;
  2. The air conditioner does not turn on the compressor;
  3. The fan of the outdoor unit of the conditioner does not turn;
  4. The ac running but not cooling or dripping;
  5. The air conditioner cools but does not heat;
  6. The AC Not Working: indoor unit problems
  7. The split system works but does not cool;
  8. The air conditioner does not respond to the remote control;
  9. Why the AC Not Working: conclusions.

No one will be surprised by the complex climate technology in apartments, offices and industrial premises. High-precision automation allows you to control temperature parameters with an accuracy of half a degree, and additional features create a favorable microclimate.

Properly selected and installed, air conditioners can work for many years, but any complex equipment has its weaknesses. Some causes of breakdowns of split systems lie in improper use, others are caused by objective circumstances.

The outdoor unit of the split system does not work

Start with the diagnosis of the main elements of the unit. If your air conditioner is running on cooling, the thermostat must be set to the appropriate option. Note that the reason why the outdoor unit of the air conditioner does not turn on may be trivial – the thermostat has stopped working because the value of the set temperature has already been obtained. Check if the dehumidification mode is currently working. It is desirable that all settings are set correctly.

The air conditioner does not turn on the compressor

The most common cause of this fault is the shutdown of this element as a result of overheating. The problem may have the following explanations:

  1.  The radiator of the outdoor unit is sealed with dirt so much that it leads to a protective opening of the compressor circuit. Regular preventive maintenance of the unit will save you from this problem.
  2. Excess refrigerant in the air conditioner leads to overload of the compressor and imbalance in the circuits of the condenser and evaporator. The pressure should be checked and, if it exceeds the permissible norm, the excess refrigerant should be pumped out. Simply releasing a refrigerant into the air is prohibited by the directives.
  3. The fan of the external block has failed or is blocked by garbage, branches, etc.
  4. Capillary tubes are clogged with dirt, moisture or shavings. The reason for their failure may be poor installation. It is better to entrust the replacement of tubes to specialists.
  5. The drying filter can also be clogged with moisture and dirt. The solution is to replace the dehumidifier filter.

In addition to overheating, the cause of compressor dysfunction may be low temperature outside the window. In some models, the cooling mode is simply not turned on in this situation. When working on heating, the air conditioner also has its drawbacks: it may not start at temperatures below that specified in the instructions.

The cause of compressor failure may be a breakdown of the winding. If you understand the operation of electrical devices, it will not be difficult for you to measure the resistance between the terminals, pre-disconnecting the voltage and reaching the supply wires. This procedure is best entrusted to those people who installed this equipment.

The fan of the outdoor unit of the conditioner does not turn

First of all, check the settings as well as the high temperature values. It is possible that the motor is switched off due to the operation of the thermostat. The problem may lie in the motion winding. It is “called”, determining the resistance parameters for a special circuit. If everything is bad with the winding, find that the engine is “covered” and it is time to replace it.

Do not turn the fan of the outdoor unit of the air conditioner, possibly because a disposable fuse on the burst has tripped. This usually happens in the winter when the fan blades are blocked by ice. To prevent this, inspect the outdoor unit before turning it on. The most accurate diagnosis and prompt repair / can be created instead for employees of specialty stores.

The ac running but not cooling or dripping

The ac running but not cooling or dripping

Do not rush to jump conclusions, so the unit needs a quarter of a year to switch between modes – this is laid down in the algorithm of the device. Maybe you just forgot to turn on the security mode after last spring. Stopping the air conditioner when switching can be caused by a failure of the four-way valve. Its diagnosis and repair should not be carried out independently, confirming this process to professionals.

A common cause of air conditioner failure may be a power outage, such as:

  • contact information;
  • faulty socket;
  • violation of the basic parameters of the network (voltage, frequency), etc.

What if the drainage system does not work well with their responsibilities, and the condensate is not able to get out of the tube? One of the reasons is insufficient slope of the drainage tube. This problem manifests itself immediately after installation.

As a rule, water is poured through the pan and poured into various dangerous places. Another explanation for the lack of condensate may be low humidity in the room: the water dries before it flows into the tube. In addition, the option of banning drainage paths with dirt, insect larvae, small stones, which birds like to fall asleep in the original wooden pipe, is not ruled out – lesions carry out preventive cleaning of equipment.

The air conditioner cools but does not heat

Another problem faced by owners of split systems is that the air conditioner does not blow warm air. It should be noted that the use of this climate technology as an independent heating system is impractical. The cost of electricity is comparable to high prices for district heating, and the possibilities of budget split systems are quite limited. Universal air conditioners must be equipped with a heat pump function, which includes the injection of heated air into the room.

It is appropriate to use the air conditioner for heating in the off-season, when the central heating system is not yet on or already turned off. Budget split systems can work effectively at an outdoor temperature of not less than minus five degrees Celsius. The design of the outdoor unit does not tolerate frost: the evaporator is covered with frost, freezes the valve and condensates in the drainage pan. Freezing of condensate leads to the formation of a layer of ice in the outdoor unit. The lower part of the compressor is in ice and produces a noise similar to the noise of a perforator.

You can answer the question why the split system does not heat by checking the freon line. Insufficient amount of refrigerant dramatically reduces the efficiency of the unit in both heating and cooling mode. A common cause of freon leakage is incorrect installation of the highway or mechanical damage during operation. The lack of refrigerant in the circuit can be judged after careful measurement of all parameters. In general, check and refuel (if necessary) every 1.5-2 years.

Another reason for the failure of the air conditioner in the winter is the unsuitability of many models to the conditions of severe winter. Before buying this air conditioning equipment, be sure to consult with the seller about the “winter” capabilities of the selected model.

The AC Not Working: problems with the indoor unit

The split system works but ac not cooling

First of all, you do not need to expect instant cooling immediately after switching on. The real effect begins to affect only after 10-20 minutes (depending on the model). It is possible that the reason for poor cooling performance is incorrectly selected power of the device, which simply can not cope with the load. That is why sophisticated air conditioning equipment should be purchased only in specialty stores, in consultation with the sellers.

Obstacles to airflow may explain why the AC Not Working. Make sure that household items, curtains or blinds do not interfere with its normal circulation. If the airflow is not endangered and the doors and windows are closed, you should diagnose your equipment. Simply put, make the inlet and outlet temperature measurements with a thermometer. It is not necessary to immerse it in the intake grille too deeply – this may cause it to fall into the fan blade. The temperature difference at the inlet and outlet must be within the norm specified in the data sheet. If this is not the case, there are serious problems with the air conditioner itself. It is not recommended to eliminate them independently.

Another reason for the lack of the desired cooling effect is that the fan of the indoor unit of the air conditioner does not work. Its stop may have the following explanations:

  1. The locking screw was unscrewed on the turbine. After understanding the design of the motor, you can find the place where the turbine is mounted on the motor shaft, and tighten the locking screw.
  2. The turbine of the new engine can be difficult to scroll (at the same time the indicator lights up and the engine hums). Try to find the reason.
  3. The bearings shook during transportation and fell out of the bushings. Broken bearings are found on worn engines. If you have the technical skills, the whole unit can be removed, disassembled and tried to troubleshoot.
  4. The engine burned out. In this case, you should call a repair technician who will diagnose and solve the problem.

The air conditioner does not respond to the remote control

The most important advantage of modern climate technology is the ability to control the operation of equipment remotely. The remote control changes modes, includes additional functions and stops the operation of the split system. The failure of this device causes users inconvenience, forcing them to control the air conditioner manually. If the air conditioner does not turn on from the remote control, the reasons may be as follows:

  1. In most models, the remote control of the air conditioner is carried out at a distance of eight meters. If you stand further, the air conditioner may not “feel” your command.
  2. Maybe you just did not understand the English names of the buttons and pressed the wrong thing. It is useful to remember that the mode is selected using the Mode button, on and off – using On / Off, the fan function is controlled by the Fan button, and the timer is set using the Timer. The remote control also has a button for moving the blinds (Swing) and a button to start sleep (Sleep).
  3. The cause of “death” of the remote control may be low batteries.
  4. Contamination of the infrared beam is caused by contamination of the remote control or signal receiver window on the indoor unit.
  5. Mechanical damage, moisture and overheating of the device can also cause damage. Handle the remote control as instructed. In case of damage, contact the technical support service of the company where you purchased the air conditioning equipment.

The air conditioner does not respond to the remote control

Why the AC Not Working: conclusions

Many malfunctions in the operation of split systems are associated with poor quality components and incorrect installation. Problems can arise due to incorrectly chosen models of climatic equipment. Some avid intermediaries, seduced by the low price of goods, bring to Ukraine equipment that is not adapted to the harsh conditions of winter. Such air conditioners begin to “strike” at the first signs of frost.

Incorrectly selected parameters of the unit reduce efficiency of work. Non-compliance with maintenance instructions and regular maintenance (as required by the technical passport) contributes to the creation of problems.

Adverse weather conditions, burdened by the general ecological situation in the region, can lead to rapid wear of parts of the split system. This must be kept in mind when buying an air conditioner. Companies selling air conditioning equipment are required to provide you with all the necessary information about the features and functionality of their products. Each unit of goods must have a stamp of factory inspection, as well as an official manufacturer’s warranty.

Some faults can be rectified on your own, while others require the intervention of professionals. It is better if this is done by the specialists of the company that sold you the Air Conditioner. The list of services of the store should include the possibility of maintenance of the sold climatic equipment. If this is not the case, the probability of an accurate diagnosis and prompt repair work is significantly reduced.

Date: 04.05.2021