DIY Cat Shelves Best Ideas For Your Cat And Design Interior

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Cat Shelves

Let’s see the best ideas for diy cat shelves in our article. Many cat owners have probably thought about how to provide their pet with a house that would be not only cozy but also interesting in terms of entertainment and games. You can combine a bookshelf with a place of entertainment and relaxation for your cat, which will not take up extra space in a cramped apartment.

Table of Contents

  1. Design features – and how to build cat shelves
  2. Varieties of the diy cat shelves
  3. What to look for when choosing a cat shelf
  4. DIY scratching post
  5. DIY wall mounted cat shelves
  6. Best Cat Shelves 2022/li>
  7. More kinds of cat shelves:
  8. – Shelf wave
  9. – Cuba wall shelves
  10. – Cat wall ladder
  11. – Diy cat shelves on the wall in the form of drawers
  12. – Diy cat shelves on the wall in the form of hexagons
  13. Video DIY Cat Shelves

Design features – and how to build cat shelves

It is recommended to make hanging shelves for cats in cases where the pet does not leave the house. Manufacturers of pet supplies offer a huge assortment of models of all kinds of sizes and shapes: a cozy house, a ladder, a stove bench. Before purchasing a model you like, think about whether the cat will be delighted?

It is not uncommon for cats to ignore the purchased shelf or lounger, despite their many advantages. The thing is that the pet has its own preferences and preferences, and before buying an expensive “toy”, take a closer look at the habits of a four-legged friend, carefully observe what arouses his greater interest, and what he is absolutely indifferent to. And with these observations in mind, purchase pet shelves.

Someone prefers to make such a design on their own, and this also has a rational grain: you will definitely make such a house for a cat with your own hands that will not leave her indifferent. Finally, hand-made is guaranteed to save you money.

Varieties of the diy cat shelves

There are three main categories:

  • Wall-mounted;
  • Outdoor;
  • Models on the window.

When choosing or creating a wall structure, remember that it should be freely available for your pet. But also you must be ready for the uncontrollable dust in the house as your cat will always play and make a mess. But in this article, Why is My House So Dusty? we can help you to solve this problem too, so you shouldn’t worry too much.

You should not hang it under the ceiling, or clutter the approach to it with various interior items. If you plan to hang the shelves higher, then make sure that there is a ladder or any other attachment so that it is convenient and interesting for the cat to get to its place.

Wall-mounted models are distinguished by the presence of several levels. The complex may include a scratching post, a sleeping place, a play area with small balls, pom-poms or other “amenities”.


What to look for when choosing a cat shelf

The variety of the assortment is good. But the problem of choice invariably arises: which model will suit both the pet and the owner (note, the owner’s opinion in this matter is secondary, and this fact does not bother true cat lovers!).

– Domestic cats do not go outside, which means that the owner’s task is to make their stay in the house full and interesting, to organize outdoor games and provide toys. The ladder to the cat shelves wall should be ergonomic, able to support the weight of your cat, and be comfortable for him so that he does not break off or, conversely, so that the claws do not get stuck in the material.

An effective and practical addition to the design will be a scratching post. Choose models made from natural materials, without an unpleasant smell, which can not only scare a cat away, but also harm health, because all representatives of the feline family have a unique sense of smell.

Therefore, natural wood is ideal for cat accessories. And to make the lounge especially cozy and pleasant, put the cat’s favorite blanket or bedding.

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DIY cat scratching post

Today, a scratching post is not only considered an obligatory cat attribute, with its help you can ensure the safety of furniture and walls.

The most popular are corner models, which provide safety to two adjacent walls at once. To create such a structure, you will need two boards (the size is arbitrary, the main thing is that the width of the boards should cover 15-20 centimeters of the wall, and the height is at your discretion).

Be sure to process the boards so that there are no burrs and roughness, otherwise, the structure will turn out to be traumatic. We connect the boards with dowels. It is better to refuse self-tapping screws, as in the process of “exploitation” the cat can fall into the hat with its paw.

We set the dowels at a distance of 8 centimeters for secure fixation. So, as a result, we install dowels on the end of one board and make the corresponding holes in the other board. We connect the boards with glue. Leave it to dry completely.

Now we are preparing the material for the upholstery. The most suitable option is carpet. We fix it on the “seamy” side of the structure using a stapler. And over the entire area of ​​the scratching post, we fix the carpet with glue.

In order to attach the scratching post to the wall, we attach metal corners above and below the structure and fix them on the wall using self-tapping screws.

The final step: do not forget to check how firmly the structure is attached, otherwise, after touching the sharp claws, you will have to work on the fastening again.

diy cat shelves

DIY wall mounted cat shelves

There are simply no unequivocal recommendations for shapes and sizes. Want to make a present for your cat? Go for it! Create your own unique models in which your pet will feel comfortable and safe.

The most elementary option is a stepped arrangement of several shelves on the wall. The main thing is to guess the size of the plane and the distance between them. What material to make? The choice is yours. Better than natural wood, perhaps, there is nothing. Moreover, this material is also easy to process.

Each shelf can be supplemented with a hanging toy or scratching post. The advantage of creating shelves for cats with your own hands is that during operation you can supplement or, conversely, simplify the design.

DIY wall mounted cat shelves

More kinds of cat shelves:

Pets in the house are no longer our smaller brothers, but full-fledged family members, about whom we care no less than about the rest of our household. Therefore, it is our direct responsibility to provide them with a comfortable and safe place to live. And wall shelves are perhaps one of the best choices.

Cat wall shelf wave

Pets like curved cat shelves the most. It can be difficult to cut or make these shelves with your own hands, but it’s worth it. The cat tribe simply adores curved designs and happily settle in them to rest.
floating cat shelves

Cuba wall shelves

Cuba wall shelves
Cubes, like rectangles, are quite popular with cats. In this design, you can store books or any other small items. It will decorate your room and be a useful exercise machine for your pet. She will be happy to be able to sit on top and watch what is happening from there. Dropping objects on the floor will be nearly impossible.

Cat wall ladder

Who said your cats have to walk the same stairs as you? The cat tribe is one step higher than us. And therefore, they rightfully deserve to pass over our heads. Use the free part of the wall to build some wall steps here.

Cat wall ladder

Diy cat shelves on the wall in the form of drawers

Such shelves may well be useful not only for your cat, but also useful for storing household items. But take into account everything that you put there, your cat will certainly be interested and she will certainly try to pick up objects with her paw.

Diy cat shelves on the wall in the form of hexagons

The hexagonal structures look absolutely extraordinary. From such shelves, you can make up whole pictures that will decorate the interior in an original way. By grouping them into patterns, you decorate the wall and create a wonderful exercise machine for your kitten.

Diy cat shelves made of rectangles

Rectangular shelves, folded like a pyramid of cubes, will become a real “field of miracles” for your cat. In some niches, you can hang ribbons and your kitten’s favorite toys, which will make the design even more attractive. All your free time awake, your pet will be busy with his own business.

Now your cat can choose itself in which of the houses it is more comfortable for the rest.

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Video DIY Cat Shelves

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