DIY Cat Wall Playground Ideas For Interior Design

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Diy cat wall playground ideas for interior design

With the appearance of a pet in the house, it becomes necessary to create a separate corner where it can feel comfortable. A diy cat wall playground is a perfect place. In addition to the house, in which the animal can retire and relax, it can be equipped with a scratching post, climbing frame, game ball and other interesting devices.

Table of Contents

  1. Does a cat need an extra cat room and what should the ideal cat room look like
  2. 3 things should never be missing in a cat-friendly apartment
  3. On the floor
  4. On the wall
  5. Climbing wall cat lying level
  6. What do you need to build a catwalk
  7. The individual steps for DIY cat catwalk
  8. Best Cat Wall Playground 2022
  9. Video Diy Cat Wall Playground

Does a cat need an extra cat room and what should the ideal cat room look like

Your cat certainly doesn’t need a room of its own – but you may have a free wall or corner in the apartment that you can make cat-friendly.

A cat room with a climbing wall, cat walkways, stairs and of course high lying levels make the cat’s heart beat faster. From our own experience of many years of keeping cats and the experience reports of our “cat customers”, we can give you one or two tips – how you can set up a cat room in an interesting and exciting way. Also if your lovely pet wants to have more fun an article about diy cat shelves best ideas for your cat and design interior is up to you.

3 things should never be missing in a cat-friendly apartment

  1. Scratching opportunities and climbing opportunities
  2. Various sleeping places
  3. Cat toys

The more interesting the cat walkways and levels are, the better and more successful your climbing wall will be.

First of all – please be patient. Your cat will gradually discover a new cat wall and will go to very different places depending on its mood and mood.

On the floor

A cozy cat bed or cave on the floor is a good choice – this gives your cat a comfortable place for a long nap.

A scratching area should not be missing in the vicinity, because after a nap you have to stretch yourself extensively and care for your claws.

A scratching mat, scratching board or of course a scratching post are suitable for this. Of course, cat toys that your cat can occupy themselves with should not be missing.

A cozy cat bed

On the wall

A climbing wall is not only ideal for fitness – a high berth is also ideal as an observation post. Cats want to move, jump and climb – many have their “5 minutes” every day in which they are particularly fit, active and enjoy moving. A climbing wall for jumping and romping is ideal here. With a human playmate and motivator, climbing and romping is twice as fun.

Hunting games are particularly popular – the hunt for “prey” motivates every cat. With the help of a feather rod that you can chase after, the diagonally attached cat walkways become a real climbing and jumping experience. Believe me, it’s really fun and your cat is balanced and tired afterwards.

wall cat tree

Climbing wall cat lying level

If you have less space available, you can easily include a cupboard or shelf in the climbing fun – on the cupboard or shelf you can then offer your cat a comfortable cat bed as a sleeping place with a view. For safe ascent and descent, steps or an inclined cat walkway should be provided.

Profeline cat bridges can be available in different wood colors and lengths in pet shops or on the internet.

cat shelves wall Diy Cat Wall Playground

What do you need to build a catwalk

House cats love challenges. Your darling can climb, play – and sleep on this self-made catwalk. You can design a self-built course according to your cat’s preferences and to match your own furnishing style. When choosing materials, pay attention to safety: only use non-toxic paint and smoothly sanded wood. If you integrate a place to sleep, scratching boards and toys, the catwalk will quickly become your cat’s favorite place. DIY catwalk: it’s all up here!

This is what you need to build a catwalk

  • boards (e.g. multiplex)
  • Colour
  • Dowels, screws, small screw hooks
  • Shelf support for attaching the small boards
  • Brackets for larger boards
  • Double-sided adhesive Velcro tape
  • Tools: cordless drill, drill, brush, spirit level

The individual steps for DIY cat catwalk

Step 1: Use a sketch to plan and use the entire height of the room for the catwalk. We have combined 3 small stations (30 × 25 cm), 1 larger station (50 × 30 cm) with 2 finished elements (suspension bridge, scratching column).

Step 2: Using a wood drill, carefully drill holes on the back of the small boards. Also drill holes for the dowels in the wall and insert the shelf supports into the dowels. The boards are now placed on the shelf supports.

Step 3: Paint all boards in the color of your choice, of course they can also be left untreated.

Step 4: screw 2 brackets to the larger board. Attach it to the desired location on the catwalk using screws and dowels. We stuck double-sided adhesive Velcro on it.

Step 5: Screw one or more small screw hooks into the wood to attach toys to.

Video Diy Cat Wall Playground

Date: 10.10.2021