Diy Dollhouse Instructions And Recommendations

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Diy dollhouse

The process of creating a diy dollhouse can captivate both parents and children! Today, diy dollhouses can be made from any available materials with different dollhouse kits. You can think about the layout of the rooms, do the interior design and arrangement of diy dollhouse furniture.

Table of Contents

  1. Cardboard diy dollhouse
  2. Diy dollhouse furniture
  3. Diy wooden dollhouse
  4. Diy plywood dollhouse
  5. Diy dollhouse decoration
  6. Conclusion
  7. Video diy dollhouse

When a child has a lot of dolls, sooner or later they will ask to organize a playground for them in the form of a diy dollhouse. Parents can satisfy the wishes of a little princess in two ways: go to a toy store or make a children’s diy dollhouse. The second option the child will perceive is more inspired, because working together will leave the brightest impressions.

Interesting ideas from cardboard and improvised materials will tell parents how and from what they can make “housing” for dolls and pretty dollhouse kits. Also you can look through woodworking projects that have plenty of interesting ideas for kids.

Cardboard diy dollhouse

You can make a toy dollhouse with your own hands from a box or cardboard. Packaging material seems to be created for the manufacture of handicrafts. To work with it you only need stationery: scissors, knife, scotch tape and glue. To decorate the inner and outer surfaces you will need paints, wallpaper scraps, colored paper, bright pictures from magazines.

First of all determine the dimensions of the future structure. You can make a diy dollhouse out of a box for Barbie dolls from a package of large appliances. In this case, the product will be stable, with equal planes. In addition, from a large box you can make a corner model with a cut of the front quarter. This layout will expand the possibilities of decoration, and playing with a child with dolls will be much more interesting. However, it will be much harder to hide the bulky structure.

You can prepare several shoe boxes for small dolls. Stacked on top of each other, they will form a dollhouse of several floors. A roof and an elevator will definitely be needed for such a complete building. Those who want to make a house from individual elements can use cardboard. The material is sold in hardware stores in the form of sheets or rolls. Progress:

– Partitions are inserted into the prepared box, which will form floors and rooms. The parts must be tightly inserted between the side walls without gaps and skews.

– In the partitions cut holes for doorways and stairs (if any). Fix the parts together with scotch tape or glue. Also you can put dollhouse wallpaper – it will look great.

– On top of the box you can make a triangular roof, which will form an attic.

– In the end, they start decorating the house, decorating the interior and making furniture. Each room is covered with wallpaper or gives the child the opportunity to decorate the walls.

To attention!

The child can be captured by drawing a sketch of the future house on a sheet of paper. In the image, you can specify the size of the parts, and then cut out pieces of cardboard.

diy dollhouse

Diy dollhouse furniture

If old unnecessary furniture is stored in the pantry, balcony or garage, it is used as a frame. You can make a house for Barbie dolls with your own hands from a bedside table, shelf or even a hanging closet. If your child for example likes cats – you can even make diy cat shelves in a dollhouse. I’m sure your kid will be the happiest child in the world. Working with the model will not take much time, because the walls, ceiling and base are ready. The spacious furniture will fit more than a dozen toys. But the assembly of the frame requires certain skills and a more complex tool than in the manufacture of a cardboard model. To work you will need:

– Measuring tool (ruler, tape measure).

– Pencil.

– Material for partitions. You can use scraps of natural wood, plywood or other pressed lumber.

– Joiner’s tool (hammer, chisels, plane).

– Power tools (jigsaw, screwdriver, grinder).

– Consumables (screws, paints, glue, decor, wallpaper).

Assembly begins immediately when all tools and materials are prepared. However, the lack of some details is not so scary – the production will take several days. During this time, the missing items can be found. In addition, the decoration of the dollhouse is an endless process, the child will always come up with what else needs to be added to make his model unique.


– They prepare old furniture. There are probably defects or damage on its surface. If it is a bedside table or a locker with doors, check the condition of the hinges, if necessary, change them to similar ones.

– Attach the support legs and handles to the frame. The first is necessary that the furniture which is not intended for placement on a table, did not scratch its surface. Handles will facilitate transfer of a massive design.

– Make a roof for the house. Its form can be any. The design of the roof depends on the size of the frame. It looks beautiful two – or four sloping. The rear part is sewn to the fiberboard, and the space under the roof is divided into several compartments or left without partitions.

– The inner part of the model is also divided into rooms. The number of the latter, their size depends on the size of the furniture and the scale of the dolls themselves. A small bedside table is unlikely to be divided into more than 4-5 compartments.

– All surfaces must be sanded after sawing. This is especially true of corners and edges. The remaining burrs can easily turn into a rolling pin in the hands of a child.

– At the end of the diy dollhouse is decorated by carrying out “cosmetic repairs”. In compartments glue wallpaper, on a floor put “carpets” or “laminate”. Decor options are limited only by the imagination of the child.

To attention!

The house of old furniture will be massive and will take up a lot of space. But if you omit these moments, beautifully decorated, it will be a decoration of the children’s room.

diy dollhouse furniture

Diy wooden dollhouse

Assembling a lumber structure will be a challenge for the parents of the little princess. Making a children’s wooden diy dollhouse will be a non-trivial task that not everyone can handle. The model can be made in two ways: frame and lattice. In the first case, only thin planed boards are used, which are assembled into a massive structure. The back wall is sewn with fiberboard or plywood. In such a dollhouse, toys are placed only on the front side.

The lattice model allows players to play with dolls and to place them from all parties. The layout is mostly square. The floors are made of solid wood, and the floor slabs are made of bars. To work you will need:

– Measuring and carpentry tools.

– Timber (thin boards, bars).

– Consumables (PVA glue, nails, screws, sandpaper).

– Power tools (circular saw, electric fretsaw, screwdriver, grinder).

– Decor (paint, self-adhesive film, colored paper).

To understand the dimensions of the layout, a sketch of the future dollhouse is sketched in advance. The picture will help to determine what parts are needed for assembly, their size, number, relative position, and mounting methods.

Manufacturing sequence:

– Cut out the details according to pre-prepared sketches.

– The side surfaces and places of cuts are carefully cleaned with sandpaper. The formed chips and cracks are processed separately.

– They start assembling the model from the base. Support legs, walls of the first tier are screwed to it.

– Combining all the parts in stages, finish assembling the upper elements or the roof (if any).

– Sew the back with a sheet of fiberboard or plywood. The rear cover is made last. To do this, apply the finished structure, circle the contour and cut with a jigsaw.

– Once again, clean the problem areas so that there are no burrs.

– Completely covered with paint.

– After drying the stain, start registration.

Diy wooden dollhouse

Diy plywood dollhouse

Glued wood veneer is well suited for assembling the frame of the diy dollhouse. Plywood is easy to cut, process and join. The model is made of sheets of different thickness: the base, walls and roof are assembled from thick, and floors and partitions – from thin. In the process of assembly you will need:

  • Hacksaw or electric fretsaw.
  • Measuring and marking tool.
  • Joiner’s corner.
  • Consumables (screws, glue, nails, metal corners, sandpaper).
  • Screwdriver with a set of drills.
  • Materials for decoration.

To attention!

From plywood you can make a dollhouse of almost any shape. A triangular or round design with a veranda and small balconies will look beautiful.

Begin assembly with plywood cutting. If for some reason it is difficult or impossible to do (there is no necessary tool) you can cut the material at the place of purchase. In this case, it is necessary to provide drawings of all parts with detailed dimensions. After cutting the ends and surfaces are sanded with sandpaper.

Assembly sequence:

– First of all, form the framework of the model. To do this, use plywood 8-10 mm thick. The parts are connected with self-tapping screws, pre-applying glue to the mating surfaces. Under fastening drill apertures: in a basic detail it is a little less, and in mating – more than diameter of a drill.

– Nail the back wall. It is made of a thin sheet of plywood (3-4 mm) or fiberboard. Fasten the wall with screws or thin nails.

– Plywood partitions 4-6 mm thick are inserted into the frame. Their location and number depend on the chosen design of the house. They are joined crosswise, making a slit half the width of the workpiece, or with metal angles.

– The joints are coated with glue, let it dry and finally grind the layout.

– Paint plywood in one or two layers.

diy miniature dollhouse

Diy dollhouse decoration

The finished layout will look inconspicuous without good design. If some stages of production are carried out by the father, then the whole family can decorate a doll’s house. To make an exclusive house you do not need to limit your imagination, but try to implement even impossible ideas. You can decorate the layout both inside and out. You can use the technology of wood writing to your diy dollhouse. Exterior design options:

– Brick masonry. The external surfaces stylized under a brick look beautiful. You can use ice cream sticks for imitation. If you do not get the right amount, they are replaced with wooden slats of similar size. From sticks cut identical rectangles which then stick to walls.

– The decorated surface is opened with paint in the tone of bricks.

“Tile” on the roof. Details are made similarly to “bricks”, but only with the rounded off edges. The elements are glued to the roof, superimposed on each other. Paint the “tile” in any color.

The interior of the house allows you to indulge your imagination when decorating. Common ways to decorate:

– Diy dollhouse wallpaper. If after repair of the apartment there were unused pieces, they can be involved at registration.

– Painting. An easy way to decorate the house, but you should use non-toxic coatings.

– Imitation parquet, linoleum, laminate. You will need a self-adhesive film with a wooden texture.

– Adding light sources. LEDs placed under the ceiling will create the illusion of being in a full house.

– Installation of toy furniture. Tables, chairs, beds and cabinets are made of thick paper or cardboard. The furniture will give the house a finished look.


In fact, building a children’s diy dollhouse is not so long. But its improvement is an endless process. Here everything is like in real life: buying new dollhouse furniture, repairs and other “joys”. As a result, in the process of arrangement all are involved, to the delight of the child.

Video diy dollhouse

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