DIY Garage Cabinets. Functional And Affordable Garage Cabinets Ideas

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diy garage cabinets

A garage is not only a place where a car, motorcycle, bicycle “lives” and is repaired. Often a full-fledged carpentry workshop is developed here; many tools are stored. Functional and affordable garage cabinets, shelves, racks are purchased ready-made, specially designed for the garage, or they are made independently. Today we will tell you how to make a perfect diy garage cabinet.

Table of Contents

    1. Features of the arrangement of the garage
    2. Types of garage cabinets, functional and affordable garage cabinets ideas
    3. Plastic garage cabinets
    4. Wall mounted DIY garage cabinets
    5. Perforated canvas garage shelf
    6. Preparatory work for the manufacture of cabinets
    7. How to make a garage cabinet
    8. Video diy garage cabinets

Metal cabinets for a garage are equipment that makes the life of a motorist easier and more enjoyable. They are indispensable in such premises, you can put all the necessary car accessories here: tires, various chemicals that are necessary for car care, tools. A big variety of the most powerful autos you can check on this site.

Sometimes a garage is a utility room where gardening supplies and other things are brought. So that a heap of rubbish does not collect, and each item lies in its place, a cabinet for the garage is placed.

Features of the arrangement of the garage

The versatility of the premises also requires its special arrangement, in which it is necessary to observe such rules as:

  • Ergonomics;
  • Security;
  • Comfort.

Tip: The best option is when the garage space can be divided into several functional zones, which will include: a basement, a viewing pit, a workshop. Here, an important role is played by the placement in the right place of the tool, which should always be at hand.

Competent calculation and zoning allows a person to move freely, and reliably fixed machines will not be able to damage the car body. Before you start equipping a room, you need to draw up a clear plan for its arrangement, purchase the appropriate furniture.

In this case:

To draw up a scheme for the installation of equipment, a floor plan or a draft design, it is necessary to determine the dimensions of the garage, such as:

  • length;
  • width;
  • height.

A door type with a convenient opening method is selected, taking into account space savings and the absence of the possibility of damaging the car.

It is planned to place the machine during storage with maximum convenience, free access to all its components and systems that require frequent diagnostics and periodic repairs.

The dimensions of the passages along the perimeter of the car are calculated to ensure smooth movement around it.

The possibility of installing shelving is determined (see. Shelving for the garage: choose the right equipment), workbench tables (see. Workbench for the garage: how to make it correctly), hanging shelves, functional cabinets where tools and equipment will be conveniently stored. With a small area of ​​the room, the locations of the attachments are marked, the structures are correctly calculated in height and at what level from the floor surface they can be placed in order to ensure the safety of the garage owner and his car. If you need to calculate landscape rock – just read this article and you will know all the information that you need.

Materials for decoration, thermal insulation are selected for interior furnishing, and a garage design is invented. An example of it is shown in the photo.

metal garage cabinets

The estimated price of the estimated costs for the purchase of all materials and equipment is calculated.

Particular attention is paid to the construction of comfortable cabinets, workbenches and garage shelves.

Types of garage cabinets, functional and affordable DIY garage cabinets ideas

The wardrobe is a box with built-in shelves and doors that can be closed from the front. Nobody buys a wardrobe specially for the garage.

He usually gets here from other premises when the owner decides to update the furniture. But if desired, such structures can be made with your own hands, which will create more convenience and comfort in the garage.

Cabinets in this case can be:

  • Stationary. These are devices that represent a frame with built-in vertical racks and horizontally located transverse shelves. The sides are covered with sheet steel, which additionally increases their rigidity. Cabinets can withstand rather heavy objects, this is due to the pressure of the weight of loaded structures on the floor, the shelves in the devices are fixed rigidly, and the vertical racks can be additionally fixed to the wall with brackets.

metal garage storage cabinets

Tip: Metal cabinets for a garage are mainly designed for heavy loads, for lighter ones, wooden ones should be made, their cost will be much lower.

  • Mobile. Such products are equipped with wheels, they make it possible, without unloading beforehand, to move them from one place to another. However, in this case, there are some restrictions on the permissible mass of loaded devices due to the low strength of the wheels.

metal cabinets for garage

  • Hinged. They are used for the rational use of premises in the garage. Rarely needed things are stored here. They are mounted under the ceiling of the garage, at a height where they will not interfere with the free movement of the car and its maintenance. To fix the wall cabinets to the wall, special fasteners are taken. The weight supported by such structures is significantly less than that of similar stationary products.

cheap garage cabinets

  • Collapsible. They differ from stationary ones by the presence of a number of holes in the vertical racks, which allows bolts, nuts and mounting angles to fix shelves in cabinets at any height.

metal cabinets garage

  • Rotating black cabinet. Serves for storing “small things”.

Here you can place:

  • self-tapping screws;
  • bolts;
  • nails;
  • small hand tools;
  • spanners;
  • various screwdrivers.

By rotating the black garage cabinet around its axis, you can provide access to any tool.

garage storage cabinets

Tip: Before building a complex structure, you should start with a simpler device.

Plastic garage cabinets

Along with these free converted kitchen cabinets, DIY plastic garage cabinets will be your most affordable option.

However, plastic garage cabinets aren’t really a viable long-term storage solution in your garage.

Manufacturers can throw you a lot of impressive words in a plastic cabinet product description, such as “high quality plastic PP resin”, “molded plastic design” and “high quality resin double walled construction”.

Don’t swing. Of all the types of cheap garage cabinets listed here, plastic cabinets are undoubtedly the most fragile and least durable option.

Of course, they cannot rust or rot, but they have a much lower load capacity than metal or wooden cabinets. Forget about using plastic cabinets for heavy equipment like a compressor or generator. If you want to know more about diy woodworking stuff check out this article.

And it goes without saying that the budget-friendly look of plastic garage cabinets leaves a lot to be desired. It is a question of “when,” not “if,” when they will eventually start showing the dull, discolored look that plastic products take on.

seville garage cabinets

Wall mounted DIY garage cabinets

Manufacturing of hanging shelves

The shelves are hung on the walls, less often – from the ceiling, often multi-tiered. Wall-mounted garage cabinets are made closed, open, stationary or demountable, with or without a back wall.

Wooden shelves are mounted on a perforated steel frame, fastened to the wall with dowels, anchors.

Ceiling ones are hung by hooks mounted in the ceiling, special “pins”, the structure is wobbly, unsuitable for storing heavy objects.

Wall mounted DIY garage cabinets

Perforated canvas garage shelf

Products from perforated parts are usually made collapsible – the profiles are mounted on the wall, screwed to it, then the shelves are fixed there. To make such a thing on your own, a metal perforated corner is purchased, the cutting of which is usually ordered at the place of purchase.

Perforated canvas garage shelf

The horizontal and vertical strips are connected to each other with bolts, while the horizontal ones form a kind of frame, into which boards, iron sheets are put, and plastic containers are inserted.

Preparatory work for the manufacture of cabinets

Before starting the manufacture of any product, it is necessary to complete the development of the project.

For this:

  • The garage room is carefully inspected.
  • Its content is assessed and it is determined what size of lockers may be needed.
  • Free space is measured.

Tip: The ideal solution is to completely empty or almost completely free one of the walls of the garage and leave it to accommodate the lockers.

plastic garage storage cabinets

  • The height of the shelves is determined, which depends on the overall dimensions of the goods that are planned to be placed on them.
  • The number of required shelves and their depth are calculated.
  • Based on the data obtained, a sketch of the product is performed on paper.
  • The optimal dimensions for affordable cabinets in a garage are:

1.The length of the structure is taken for the entire length of the wall minus about 10 centimeters for ease of installation;

  1. The height of the cabinet is selected from the floor to the ceiling itself;
  2. The width of the shelves depends on the weight of the cargo, but not more than 1.5 meters. The best option is one meter;
  3. The depth of the shelves is up to 60 centimeters, which will be enough for storing almost all tools and things.

Advice: It is impractical to make deeper shelves. It will be very inconvenient to reach objects from great depths. For storage of fasteners and hand tools, cabinets can be shallower, up to 40 centimeters.


The shelves are made from 25 to 60 centimeters high. For storing bulky items between the shelves, a distance of up to 100 centimeters is selected.

How to make a garage cabinet

Tip: When making your own cabinets, preference should be given to the most durable materials that can withstand heavy gravity.

To do this, you can use:

  • Metal corners with a shelf width of at least 30 millimeters or square pipes with a side of more than 40 millimeters for the manufacture of vertical racks.
  • The shelves should be placed on equal corners with a side of more than 20 millimeters.
  • The frame for the installation of shelves can be attached to the vertical posts by welding or by bolts, in the absence of a welding machine or in the manufacture of a collapsible structure.
  • The shelves can be made directly from wooden boards of at least 15 millimeters thick, chipboard, laminated or ordinary, thick plywood. Also it can be made from wood or plastic. Plastic garage cabinets and wooden diy cabinets are very popular today.

The cladding of the cabinets can be made of a metal sheet up to one millimeter thick, by welding or screwing it to the struts of the structure with self-tapping screws.

Tip: Before use, wooden shelves must be painted or pre-“oiled” to protect them from the possibility of mold and mildew formation. Also look through one useful article on how long does stain take dry – and you will be professional in this deal.

garage cabinet modern ideas

The instructions for performing the work are as follows:

– The necessary components and tools are purchased.

– They are cut to the required dimensions of the workpiece.

– Vertical racks are marked, marks for fixing shelves are determined and put.

– Sections of the corners are welded to the uprights, which will be the frame for the shelves. At the same time, the horizontal position of the elements is necessarily controlled so that the tool does not subsequently fall off the shelves.

– The finished metal frame is primed and painted to protect it from corrosion.

– The frame is sheathed with a metal sheet.

– Shelves are cut from boards. They can be located along the frame or across, which will be more stable, the shelves will bend less.

– The shelves are tried on to the frame, if necessary, adjusted to the size.

– All boards are treated with impregnation or painted.

– After drying, the shelves are screwed to the frame with self-tapping screws, while they should be tightly fitted to each other.

– Doors are attached to the cabinets.

You should know that with all these materials not only garage shelves can be made but it’s a very cool decision for your pets too. Cat shelves made from wood, plastic or wall mounted will greatly fit your interior at the house. Best diy cat shelves ideas here on our site.

When installing cabinets in a garage, place them on a flat surface. For this, the floor must have a high-quality cement-sand screed, and it is better to plaster the walls.

What cabinets are best used in the garage, how to make them – the video will tell you.

Video DIY garage cabinets

Date: 04.11.2021