20 DIY Humidifier Ideas to Humidify Your House


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How to humidify a room without a humidifier? We solved this problem with several methods at once, without spending a lot of money. It is important to ensure a good indoor climate in order to protect your health and your furniture. Find out in this blog post how you can easily humidify the air and thus increase the humidity in your home using our DIY humidifier ideas.

Table of Contents

  1. Tip 1: hang up damp towels
  2. Tip 2: moisten curtains regularly
  3. Tip 3: let the water boil off
  4. Tip 4: dry laundry in the apartment
  5. Tip 5: put up lots of indoor plants
  6. Tip 6: Drink a lot to keep the mucous membranes moist
  7. Tip 7: Leave the door open after showering
  8. Tip 8: set up an aquarium
  9. Tip 9: buy an indoor fountain
  10. Tip 10: buy a vaporizer
  11. Tip 11: Avoid overheating
  12. Tip 12: place a bowl of water on the heater
  13. Tip 13: use an air washer
  14. Tip 14: Do not leave the windows open all the time
  15. Tip 15: ventilate regularly
  16. Tip 16: Preferably ventilate when the humidity outside is high
  17. Tip 17: leave the shower cubicle open after showering
  18. Tip 18: turn off the air conditioning
  19. Tip 19: water indoor plants more often
  20. Tip 20: Distribute water around the room with a flower sprayer
  21. Video ideas to Humidify Your House

Because: Air that is too dry in your own four walls damages the airways and increases the risk of colds. In addition, the dry air is not good for wooden furniture, wooden floors and musical instruments also.

If you measure the humidity in your home with the hygrometer and repeatedly find that it is below 40 percent, you should take specific measures to increase the humidity. Fortunately, there are home remedies for humidifying the air that are easy to use and conveniently increase the humidity in your own four walls. We are now introducing you to the 20 best tips for portable diy humidifiers.

Tip 1: hang up damp towels

A simple solution to quickly increasing the humidity is to hang damp towels around the apartment. It is best to place this directly over the heater. The moisture is then gradually released into the room and drives the room moisture upwards. Whole house diy humidifier is ready.

hanging damp towel as humidity

Tip 2: moisten curtains regularly

If you have curtains in your home, you can moisten them with water on a regular basis. They then dry piece by piece, slowly but continuously increasing the humidity in the relevant rooms. One more diy aircare humidifier.

Tip 3: let the water boil off

To quickly increase the humidity in the kitchen, you can simply put a saucepan of water on the stove and bring the water to a boil. Do not cover the pot with a lid. Let the water simmer until it has boiled off completely or until the hygrometer shows the desired room humidity. It’s like a natural diy humidifier.

boil water for humidifier

Tip 4: dry laundry in the apartment

If the air in the apartment is dry, it is also advisable to hang the freshly washed laundry on a drying rack in your own four walls and dry it inside. This also humidifies the air greatly.

Tip 5: put up lots of indoor plants

Plants have a positive effect on the indoor climate: They filter CO2 and toxins from the air. Plant humidifier will nicely fit your house. At the same time, they improve the humidity in the room. You first absorb the water that you add by watering and then release it back into the room air. Be careful because lot of plants can cause excessive dust in a house.

Good results can be achieved with several plants per room. You should accommodate at least three plants in a living space of 20 square meters. Indoor plants that absorb a lot of water and consequently also give off a lot of moisture to the air in the room are particularly suitable. This applies, for example, to Zyperngras such as the real papyrus.

humidifier for plants

Tip 6: Drink a lot to keep the mucous membranes moist

This trick does not help to increase the humidity, but it does protect you from the unpleasant effects of the excessively dry air: Drink a lot so that the body can quickly compensate for the loss of fluid in the mucous membranes and skin from the inside. It should be at least two to three liters a day.

Tip 7: Leave the door open after showering

If you have showered or bathed in the bathroom, you should use the moist air produced in this way directly. Therefore, do not open the window, but the bathroom door and the other doors leading off the hallway. This allows the humidified air to be distributed well in the rest of the apartment and increase the humidity.

best water for humidifier

Tip 8: set up an aquarium

An aquarium that is open at the top is also a good idea to increase the humidity in the room. At the same time, you can enjoy the inhabitants of the aquarium. But remember: an aquarium also needs to be cleaned frequently and the fish need to be cared for. If you shy away from this work, it would be better to use other tips for increasing the humidity. But such a humidifier is a good decision for your home.

Tip 9: buy an indoor fountain

For example, an indoor fountain can be a good alternative. It looks decorative and, depending on the size and amount of water, contributes more or less well to humidifying the air in the room. Indoor fountains are associated with less work than an aquarium and serve perfectly to be a reliable diy humidifier. We also have a nice selection of gabion fountains and other cute gabion wall ideas right here.

fountain humidifier

Tip 10: buy a vaporizer

You will also find technical aids in stores that will help you create more humid air in your environment. For example, evaporators are offered that bring water to a boil and then use it to steam the room. However, these types of humidifier are associated with high energy consumption and are therefore quite cost-intensive to operate. Alternatively, you can use an evaporator.

It distributes small water droplets through a stream of air in the room and thus helps to humidify the air.

Tip 11: Avoid overheating

The more the outside temperature drops, the more the apartments are heated. Often the comfort temperature is significantly exceeded. Too frequent and too strong heating results in extremely dry air. Temperatures of 20 degrees Celsius are ideal in the children’s room, study and living room.

In the bedroom it should not even be more than 18 degrees. Here in particular, you can turn off the heating completely at night without hesitation. By avoiding excessive heating in winter, you definitely improve the indoor climate.

air care humidifier

Tip 12: place a bowl of water on the heater

A simple tip for increasing the humidity in a room is to place a small bowl of water on the heater. The warmth of the heater permanently evaporates a little water vapor, which humidifies the air.

Tip 13: use an air washer

If you want to not only humidify the air but also purify it, you should consider getting an air washer. It sucks in the stale room air and directs it over a rotating disc roller, which is located in a water tank. As a result, the water binds dust particles and pollutants – similar to what is the case with a downpour.

The cleaned and humidified air is then released back into the room. Air washers are great humidifiers and thus help to significantly improve the indoor climate.

air washer humidifier

Tip 14: Do not leave the windows open all the time

If the humidity in the apartment is too low, it can also be due to incorrect ventilation. You should refrain from tilting the windows for a long period of time on colder days. As a result, the air humidity escapes permanently into the open, which causes the room humidity to drop.

Tip 15: ventilate regularly

In the cold season in particular, it is important not to ventilate for too long. Nevertheless, you should ventilate several times a day. Three to five minutes are sufficient for this. Turn off the heaters and fully open the windows in the rooms. Then set the heating back to your comfortable temperature.

humidifier open window

Tip 16: Preferably ventilate when the humidity outside is high

On some winter days, the humidity outdoors is particularly high. This is especially true in fog or drizzle. Then it is advisable to ventilate a little more intensively and longer. This is how you bring the more humid air inside.

Tip 17: leave the shower cubicle open after showering

A hot shower in winter creates a lot of steam. If you then close the shower cubicle or the shower curtain, it will remain in the shower and can lead to mold growth there. So leave the shower cubicle or shower curtain open after showering.

This distributes the moisture in the room and – if you also open the bathroom door and not the window as recommended above – throughout your apartment. This is how you effectively increase the humidity.

home humidifier

Tip 18: turn off the air conditioning

Most often, the cold season of the year is when the air is uncomfortably dry. But the problem sometimes also exists in summer – especially in apartments and rooms that are cooled with air conditioning.

Air conditioners bring temperature relief, but also remove moisture from the air. Therefore, you should really only use the air conditioning for hours when the heat cannot be endured otherwise.

Tip 19: water indoor plants more often

Make sure to water your houseplants more often if the air in your home is very dry. The plants need moisture not only to survive, but also to increase the humidity in your home. Natural plant humidifier is the best and alternative method for you.

best plant humidifier

Tip 20: Distribute water around the room with a flower sprayer

You can also buy a flower sprayer and fill it with water. This allows the water to be atomized and distributed in the room. This is a good idea, especially in acute dry air, in order to find remedial measures quickly and to alleviate the unpleasant discomfort caused by the dry air in a short time.

Video with best ideas to humidify your house

If you still have question please check the article about benefits of a humidifier

Date: 01.11.2021

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