DIY Instructions: How To Build a Diy Pallet Bed

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diy pallet bed

Anyone can have a normal bed. Simply buy a wooden bed made of solid wood or other wood such as spruce or pine on the Internet or in the furniture store. But a diy woodworking bed from pallets will be perfect for you too. We tell you how to build a diy pallet bed from euro pallets and what you need in this DIY guide.

Table of Contents

  1. Why a pallet bed
  2. Preparation for the construction of a pallet bed
  3. Build a pallet bed
  4. The preparatory work for the pallet bed: Get the right pallets
  5. Prepare pallets
  6. Sanding and painting
  7. Drying
  8. The building
  9. Felt pads
  10. Video how to build a diy pallet bed

Why a pallet bed

There are many reasons for a pallet bed. On one hand, a self-made wooden bed simply looks good. Pallet furniture in general gives your apartment a rustic, modern and stylish look. You can make more of an impression with a bed made of euro pallets than with a finished solid wood bed made of spruce or pine. This applies to all pallet furniture and not just to beds.

Pallet beds are also a form of upcycling. Make new things out of old things. This is very much in vogue and with your pallet beds you protect the environment more than with a solid wood bed that may not even have an environmental certificate. From this point of view, the pallets are rubbish, which you can upgrade by building pallet beds.

With pallet beds you are also much more flexible than with a finished solid wood bed made of spruce or pine. If you build a wooden bed for just one person, but move in with your partner a year later and would like to have a double bed, then you simply add a new row of pallets and you have a chic wooden bed for two. Conversely, you can also simply make your wooden bed smaller by sawing something off. Unthinkable with a solid wooden bed made of spruce or pine. You can easily buy the “extension” for your wooden bed on the Internet, often with free shipping.

Of course, pallet beds, like pallet furniture, are generally much lighter than beds made of solid wood. Pine and spruce are among the lighter types of wood, but they are solid wood throughout. A headboard made of solid wood has a larger volume than a headboard made of euro pallets. It takes a lot of time until you have dismantled your solid wood bed for the move. You unscrew pallet beds quickly.

wooden pallet bed frame

Preparation for the construction of a pallet bed

Before you can build your pallet bed, you have to buy the wooden parts, of course. In this article we explain to you what you have to pay attention to, which sizes and types are available and how shipping works:

Build a pallet bed

With the help of our instructions, you are guaranteed to succeed in building a simple pallet bed. It doesn’t matter whether you want to set it up as a comfortable lounger for the summer months on the terrace or on the balcony. Pallet furniture, not just beds, is of course also ideal for the outdoor area. We would not recommend this to you with a solid wood bed or other furniture made of solid wood.

how to build pallet bed

The preparatory work for the pallet bed: Get the right pallets

The most important question before you can build the pallet bed is: How big is the mattress? Because: euro pallets are 120 x 15 x 80 cm in size. If you only want a small mattress, like for a single bed (e.g. 90 x 190 or 200 cm), two euro pallets could be enough to build the pallet bed. For a more elaborate bed, a large bed or a double bed, on the other hand, four to five euro pallets are required. If you want to sleep in a four-poster bed or box spring bed, you need double the amount, namely 8 to 10 euro pallets. For the luxury variant, you could screw on a head end as a back wall or head part with two additional pallets.

Prepare pallets

If you want to build a pallet bed, you have to process the euro pallets before building. A distinction must be made between pallets with compressed wood blocks and with normal wooden blocks. Pressed wood splinters faster if you sand it. Pallets should be light and not very dirty in order to avoid later sanding work. Sanding down is the next point before painting. Why? It is important to prevent wood chips from loosening or the wood from getting damp. Because people also sweat while sleeping and the moisture that they lose has to be absorbed by the mattress.

how to make a pallet bed

Sanding and painting

First use coarse and then fine sandpaper for sanding. Paint the pallets after sanding. It is important to ensure that the pallets are completely dry. Damp pallets start to stink and can also go moldy. A primer does not necessarily have to be applied. The wood is mostly natural and the varnish holds up very well. If you want to know how you can stain over paint we have the answer for you in this article.

Sanding and painting pallet bed

pallet bed frame paint green


Before you can start building the pallet bed, the paint must be dry. Depending on the paint, this can take a few days. But the wait is worth it. Your pallet bed should last for a while and not break two weeks after it was built. Then you could buy a real bed right away. To know for sure how long does stain take dry check here.

drying wooden pallet

The building

Lay out the painted euro pallets in the bedroom. Place the longer sides together for the foot end. Put the short ends together at the head end so that 2 sides protrude here (looks like a big T). This overhang is important to hold the mattress in place. Screw the individual pallets together. This prevents the pallet bed from wobbling or shifting. Now the rear wall can be attached. Finally you have to fix the mattress. To do this, measure the mattress exactly. Then you lay it on the “bed” and nail a narrow strip to the foot end in front of the mattress. The mattress should now be fixed between the foot and the head end and no longer slip.

wooden pallet bed frame

pallet bed ideas

Felt pads

One thing is very important to us: Adhere enough felt pads to the underside of the pallet bed. Without this, it can quickly happen that your beautiful new wooden bed scratches the floor. You should do that with all pallet furniture. Even if you sand down the wooden bed, it will leave scratches over time. It’s best to do some pillow pads or just any kind of material with the headboard so that it doesn’t scratch the wall here.

light up pallet bed

Video how to build a diy pallet bed

Date: 04.10.2021