Easy Craft Ideas for Kids to Make at Home for Christmas

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Handmade Crafts for Christmas with your kids

On Christmas, the most important thing is the atmosphere of magic, so this homemade surprise, tailored specifically for you and will bring a lot of joy and light. Those easy craft ideas will bring you and your kids so much joy and happiness.

3D Greeting Postcard with a surprise

Recently, craft postcards have been very popular, and a Christmas card with a surprise will win more than one heart.
For this card, you need to pick up such stickers, pictures, flat souvenirs and sweets that are suitable for a particular person. This is the beauty of postcards – if you are connected with this person by some bright moments – try to find suitable pictures.
Even making a paper craft postcard will bring you a lot of positive emotions, what can we say about the joy of a person when he sees his favorite breed of dog or dish, or maybe it will be dreams (travel, shopping) or photos of friends. You can go on forever. I am sure that you have already begun to mentally imagine what exactly suits the person for whom the card with a surprise for the New Year is intended.

Materials for crafts:

  • color cardboard;
  • colored paper;
  • glue;
  • christmas stickers;
  • decorative clothespin;
  • souvenir keychain;
  • New Year’s cards;
  • chocolate bar (small and not wide);
  • drawstring ribbons.

Fold in half a sheet of green cardboard so ​​that a spine appears in the middle (width of about 1 cm.). This is necessary in order to conveniently fit a chocolate bar in a given page spread. We bend a red sheet of cardboard in half. The trimmings on top and side are about 2-3 cm. It is necessary that the second part of the card (red) is smaller than the first part (green). We bend the third sheet of cardboard (blue) in half. The trimmings on top and side are about 2-3 cm. It is necessary that the third part of the card (blue) is smaller than the second part (red). We bend the fourth sheet of cardboard (yellow) in half. The trimmings on the top and side are about 2–3 cm. It is necessary that the fourth part of the card (yellow) be smaller than the third part (blue).

We begin to work with the first yellow part of the card. We cut a square of contrasting, bright color from cardboard. The size should be 2 cm larger than the width of the chocolate bar. We make folds on the sides and bottom so that you can stick a kind of pocket to the card. Glue the pocket on the right side of the postcard. Put the chocolate in your pocket. It should “sit” there quite tightly and not fall out. Cut a small square out of cardboard. We decorate it with a sticker and write a New Year or Christmas inscription. Glue the postcard on the left – a miniature. You can also stick a sticker on the yellow pocket. Getting started with the red part of the postcard. We glue a strip of cardboard, after attaching a keychain with a winter theme.

Cut out the details from colored paper for the future envelope. Glue the envelope to the left side of the card.

Inside the envelope we place a New Year’s card. Decorate the inside of the card with small stickers. Glue a strip of colored cardboard along the edges to the right side of the card. We attach with a clothespin a small New Year’s souvenir. Cut snow waves from colored paper in blue. The width is equal to the width of half the postcard. Glue the snow strip at the bottom of the postcard on the right side. We decorate the left side of the card with a sticker.

We begin to work with the fourth part of the postcard (yellow part). We draw an oval on the left side of the card. Glue on the right side of the New Year’s bear postcards. When the card closes, the bear will peek out through the hole. We make an inscription on the outside of the postcard. We take the ribbons, which we will use for the ties of the postcard.

Glue one ribbon to the inner (left) side of the yellow part.

Glue the second ribbon to the inner (right) side of the green part.

We collect and glue all the details of the card (like a pyramid). Tie the ribbons.

Christmas Greeting Card with the surprise is ready! At the first turn we will see a bear. At the second sleigh and snowman. Keychain and envelope. Congratulations and chocolate.

Here is such a magical Christmas Card with a surprise that we have left.

Make your card by your own and I am sure that you will have it inimitable and amazing.

Handmade Crafts for Christmas

Handmade Pasta Tree

Craft pasta tree is an amazing and cute Christmas craft. Pasta is not only tasty, but also has a very interesting shape, which tells us creative ideas for their application. It’s a real craft and magic art for kids.

How to make a Christmas tree from pasta?

To make crafts, you will need:

  • A4 coated plain cardboard sheet;
  • 500 grams of pasta type feathers;
  • glue gun;
  • scissors;
  • glitter gel;
  • accessories for decorating the future Christmas tree (ribbons, bells);
  • a regular small jar (0.5 liters) is also useful.

We take a sheet of cardboard and twist it transversely into a cone (as previously made a bag for seeds).

Gently glue the upper corner with a glue gun.

At the top of the cone there should be a hole a little less than the thickness of the pasta.

Now the cone is standing obliquely. In order for it to become a straight line, draw a line below.

We cut off the excess in a line and then glue the bottom corner of the cardboard with hot glue.

To make the craft easy to glue and paint, a cone needs a stand. For this, some kind of glass jar is suitable. We put a cone on it, prepare pasta and hot glue.

We begin to stick pasta from below. It’s easiest to glue 3 pieces at a time, since hot glue hardens quickly and you just have to hold pasta that has just been pasted. Smeared. Glued 3 pasta. They held them for 30 seconds and move on to the next.

And so you must first fill the entire bottom row.

Then go to the row above.

We fill it.

And so gradually passed the whole cone pasta.

Please note that it happens that a packet of pasta of different lengths. Then leave those that are shorter for the upper ranks, and those that are more authentic for the lower ones.

So the tree will look more harmonious.

Insert the pasta into the top hole of the cone.

Glue the last tier directly onto the pasta inserted.

Now the Christmas Tree needs to be painted green. Ideally, this is done from a spray can, but can be painted with gouache. The main thing is to add almost no water otherwise pasta can swell. We paint from top to bottom.

Christmas Tree painted. Give her a night to dry. This craft project kids love the most.

Cooking decorations. We make bows from ribbons.

We begin to attach decorations to the tree with hot glue. Glue the bows.

We fix everything so that the Christmas Tree looks beautiful. We fasten the white bows and bells.

We try to distribute the decorations beautifully across the surface.

We take the gel with sparkles and smear them with the tips of pasta. We give the gel a day to dry completely.

Now you can remove the finished Christmas Tree from the stand.

Handmade Pasta Christmas Tree is ready! Children are happy and parents had so much fun.

A Foil Icicle – Christmas decoration

How is it very simple to transform an ordinary room, letting winter magic into it? How to make a simple and beautiful handmade christmas decoration? See our workshop “foil icicle”.
The most favorite crafts are those that are easiest to do. Foil – the basis of our crafts is in almost every home.

How to make a Christmas decoration foil icicle?

To make a foil icicle, we need:

  • foil;
  • scissors;
  • glue;
  • sparkles;
  • mouline thread.

Cut out a foil shape resembling a triangle. We bend the base of the triangle. We cut off a little thread of the floss and fold a loop handle from it. Glue the loop on the doubled edge of the foil. We twist and squeeze the foil around the loop. We try to give the icicle a natural look. It should be wider at the base and taper towards the end. We make several such blanks. Cover the icicles with glue. While the glue is still, sprinkle icicles with blue or any other sparkles. Brush off the sparkles from the icicles.

Our winter crafts “frosty icicle” is ready! You can hang icicles on the Christmas tree or decorate them with a chandelier for the holiday of Winter.

Craft Gingerbread Man

If in your kitchen cupboard there is a cookie cutter in the shape of a man, and restless kids are eager to make something unusual for the New Year or Christmas, then the gingerbread man craft is exactly what you need.

The real gingerbread or ginger man is made from simple shortcrust pastry with the addition of ground or grated ginger. It turns out edible and even very tasty cookies. A gingerbread man with his own hands can be made from salt dough, which dries quickly enough and perfectly retains its shape.

What is needed:

  • colored salt dough;
  • molds in the form of men;
  • rolling pin;
  • scissors;
  • various decorative sprinkles, buttons and other decorations.

Getting ready.

Knead the dough and add more cocoa or brown food coloring. We will not bake the man, and the brown color will give him more similarities with ordinary ginger cookies. You can add a little coffee to the dough – it will give it a pleasant aroma. Knead the dough on the table surface to make it homogeneous. We will need molds. We roll out a not very thick layer and cut out figures of men from it with molds. We try to put the molds tightly to each other so that you do not have to roll out the dough many times.

We decorate our figures with small beautiful little things that can be found at home, pushing them into the dough. Buttons, beads, beads are well suited for this.

Decorated figures are free from excess dough. You can decorate the figures after they are separated from the reservoir. Leave them to dry.

When the little men dry up, it will be possible to glue paper decorations to them or draw patterns.

Here we have our gingerbread man made from salt dough.

If you attach a loop to it, you get a great pendant on a Christmas Tree. You can also use such figures to decorate the table, create New Year’s collages and make voluminous greeting cards.

Christmas Ball – made of paper

How to make a Сhristmas ball from paper?

Christmas Ball – made of paper
Christmas balls made of paper – a beautiful and useful craft for the New Year. With its help, you can elegantly dress any room and, of course, decorate the main guest of the holiday – a slender Christmas Tree.

It is worth noting that even kids can make simple Christmas balls with their own hands out of paper. The main thing is to explain to them the basic principle of this work.

Before you make a Christmas ball, you need to cut out a lot of identical fairly narrow stripes from paper. It is better to use thick paper, because a ball of thin paper sheet will turn out to be fragile and will last very short. In addition to these strips, you will need two large beads and a piece of wire.

We twist the tip of this wire segment into a loop. We string one of the prepared beads on it.

Using this wire as a pin, we put paper strips on it. We carefully monitor that the wire pierces the paper exactly in the center of the strip. Thus, you need to string all the strips that have been prepared for work. The more they are, the more dense the ball will turn out.

Now a very interesting point: we begin to string the free ends of each of the paper strips onto the wire. Make sure that the strip takes the form of a circle. If the edges move away from each other in different directions, we fix them with a drop of glue.

Following this principle, we string all the free ends of paper strips onto the free end of the wire.

Gradually, they will begin to take the shape of a ball.

Moreover, the more strips will be strung, the more recognizable the shape will become.

At the end we put on the second bead and fix it with a wire twist.

It remains only to tie a rope to one of the wire loops – and our papercraft is ready!

If you wish, you can cover the ball with sparkles, artificial snow or a layer of clear varnish to give it a more festive look.

Date: 01.07.2020

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