Everything you should know about garage doors openings


Everything you should know about garage doors openings

The main purpose of a garage door is to close the opening and keep the “stuffing” of your garage or warehouse. Everything you should know about garage door openings we will tell you in this informative article.

Table of Contents

  1. General information
  2. Key Benefits
  3. Manufacturer’s choice
  4. Types of garage doors
  5. Garage door size
  6. Are there standard garage door sizes
  7. How to calculate the size of the opening based on the number and type of machines
  8. How does the type of garage door affect the size of the opening
  9. Does the way the gate is controlled affect the size of the opening and the room
  10. Video about garage doors openings

General information

There is a variant of such a gate design, which, like a swiss knife, combines several functions at once – a high degree of resistance to burglary, noise, wind, water insulation, preservation of the desired microclimate in the garage, simplicity and safety in operation, automatic and remote control, durability and many many others.

Sectional garage doors have such versatility. It is quite a simple, high-quality and practical move to equip your garage so as not to worry about replacing the gate for several more decades, forget what it means to get out of the car in bad weather to open / close the gate and many other little things that make our life comfortable.

Many craftsmen to this day prefer to close the garage in the old fashioned way – with metal swing gates with a bolt (closing the padlock with a piece of a plastic bottle – from rain and snow). Well, if you really want to, you can do that … In the end, nostalgia for the Soviet past has been canceled.

If your task is not just to somehow cover the contents of the garage, but also to keep it in the best possible form, and to adequately decorate the exterior of your yard / entrance to the house, you should pay attention to a more modern technical solution.

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Key Benefits

Only sectional doors have a number of key advantages that are not available with other designs:

1.Compact design. The door rises vertically upward or goes sideways along the wall, significantly saving space inside and in front of the garage. Thus, the height of the wall above the opening and its width, as well as the size of the garage area, does not matter.

  1. Non-standard solutions. Possibility of non-standard solutions in the construction of doors of any type and size.
  2. Tightness. Sandwich panels, special sills, seals on the sides and on top effectively protect the room from gusts of wind, snow and rain, dust, leaves and – what is important! – unnecessary noise.
  3. Safety of construction. The gate is safe and easy to operate. They have a high level of burglary resistance and a special security system developed by Ryterna. (e.g. spring break protection, finger trap protection, etc.).
  4. Automation. Even a child can open and close such gates manually – the weight of the door leaf is compensated by an individually selected spring mechanism. They can even open / close automatically: from pressing a button on the remote control, stationary control, or a mobile phone.
  5. Your design. The ability to develop a gate design to your liking, the designer of the company will help you in this matter + free visualization! The company provides this option for free!

Manufacturer’s choice

When choosing here or another country of origin, company and gate model, it is important to pay attention to:

  • Structural rigidity, thickness of metals, guides and accessories;
  • The density of the polyurethane foam filler in the sandwich panel, because this point is very important. The denser the polyurethane foam, the better its adhesion to steel sheets on both sides. This is very important, since factors such as swelling of the panel, peeling of metal and other unpleasant consequences of saving on materials depend on it;
  • Make sure that the assembly, installation and service of the gate will be carried out by people who know the features of this particular brand and type of gate.
  • Does the company from which you are going to order the gate have the necessary quality certificates in accordance with EU standards, official representations in your area?
  • Is there an official manufacturer’s factory warranty?
  • Does the company work under a contract?

Remember! Garage doors are not the case when you need to economize too much. Choosing a quality model and entrusting its assembly and maintenance to professionals, you make a real lasting contribution to your own safety and comfort. And, of course, you will save not only your car, but also your nerves.

Types of garage doors

Among the variety of models, 5 main modern types can be distinguished, each of which has its own advantages. They are equipped with different control systems, differ in design and operational properties, and the presence of automation.

Classic swing designs

Classic swing designs

Swing models consist of 1 or 2 sashes, which are hinged to the side surfaces of the opening or to special supports (side posts). They open inward or outward. When they are made in the canvas, you can equip an additional door for easy access to the garage.

 Recoil models

Recoil models

Sliding panels are reliable and easy to use. Manufacturers equip them with an electric drive, and to open them, you do not need to leave the car. The sheet of steel or aluminum is moved by rollers to the side, which does not require additional space in front of the building. The system is suitable for openings of all sizes, without restrictions on height and width.

        Lift-and-turn type

Lift-and-turn type

When opening the lift-and-turn models, the canvas rises and simultaneously rotates, taking a position under the ceiling. It is made of solid sheet metal and comes in a variety of styles, the possibilities for decorating it are endless. These models are reliable, burglar-proof and easy to use thanks to the electric drive. To install them, you need to provide free space under the ceiling.

        Sectional garage doors

Sectional garage doors

Such models consist of metal panels (sections) connected to each other. A swing-lifting mechanism is also used to open them. They are suitable for all types of openings, save space in front of the garage and are not blocked by snow drifts. Control by means of automation is possible. Another advantage is good sealing. The metal profile with polyurethane foam filling and rubber seals help maintain the set temperature for heated garage spaces.

        Roll or roller shutter models

Roll or roller shutter models

Rolling garage door curtain consists of metal slats, which are firmly connected between. When opened, it is wound on a shaft, which is located above the opening and is closed by a box. Such models save space, are convenient to use and reliably protect the garage from burglary.

When choosing a garage door, it is important to take into account all the technical nuances, so you may need the help of professionals.

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Garage door size

Choosing the optimal garage door size is not as easy as it might seem at first glance. It is not enough just to know the dimensions of the vehicle that will be stored in it. It is necessary to take into account the characteristics of the room and the principle of the gate, evaluate how convenient it is to check into the garage. Below are some useful tips to help you make your choice.

Are there standard garage door sizes

It is difficult to standardize the size of garage doors, firstly, because there are many types of cars that differ significantly in size. So the gate, which can be called standard for an ordinary passenger car, will not work for a minibus.

Secondly, the market offers a large number of different types of garage doors – swing, roller shutter, sectional, up-and-over. At the same time, the very design of the gate largely determines the requirements for the size of the garage and the area in front of it.

For example, when opening, a sectional door must be able to fit freely under the ceiling. For roller shutters, you will need a place above the opening or inside it to install the box or consoles. When choosing swing gates, it is necessary to provide additional space in front of the garage or inside the room to open the doors.

Thirdly, the location of the garage affects the size of the gate. If you need to enter it from a narrow street with a sharp turn, it is better to lay additional centimeters in the opening.

Thus, the optimal door sizes are those that are selected based on all of the above nuances. To make this possible, experienced manufacturers have created a wide range of door sizes for all garages.

How to calculate the size of the opening based on the number and type of machines

The main task of any garage door is to provide free entry to and exit from the premises. Therefore, when calculating the size of the opening for their installation, add at least 60 cm to the width of the car body (including side mirrors).

For one light car, an opening with a width of 2.4-2.7 m is sufficient.

For a more impressive jeep or minibus – 2.8-3 m.

Owners of two cars need to plan an opening with a width of at least 5 m.

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At the same time, there should be enough space in the garage itself so that the driver and passengers can freely get out of the car without hitting a neighboring car or scratching the door. Ideally, the width of the room is 20-30 cm wider than the width of the car with the doors open. If there are racks in the garage along the walls, this should also be taken into account by adding additional centimeters.

The height of the opening is influenced by the dimensions of the car, as well as the presence of an antenna or trunk on its roof. In general, the height of the overhead garage door should be at least 20 cm higher than the height of the car.

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How does the type of garage door affect the size of the opening

The main difference between gates of different types is in the principle of their operation. The required size of both the opening and the room depends on where the canvas or sash is located when opening.

For example, when choosing sectional structures for your garage, it is important to remember that its depth should be sufficient for free placement of the canvas under the ceiling. To calculate the required depth, add 50 cm to the opening height.

Another important detail to keep in mind is the headroom. This is the place on the wall between the edge of the opening and the ceiling, where the torsion bar and guides are mounted, without which the sectional doors cannot work. With this in mind, for small gates up to 8 sq. m, we advise you to provide a jumper from 100 mm (mechanical control) or from 130 mm (control from the remote control), and for more impressive structures – from 210 mm.

By the way, having taken care of the required height of the lintel in advance, you can simplify your life and save money by ordering the gate without additional payment for a non-standard type of installation. If the lintel in your garage does not fit into the required parameters in any way, you can always purchase designs with high or, conversely, low installation.

And finally, the last condition that must be taken into account is the width of the walls. It is optimal if they are made of concrete or stone, and their width will be at least 125 mm. This will allow you to securely attach the corner posts with vertical rails to them.

Does the way the gate is controlled affect the size of the opening and the room

It is better to decide how the gate will be controlled – from the remote control or manually – at the initial stages. This will eliminate the need to finish something in the room in the future, wasting your time and money.

In particular, when installing automation, there is another requirement for the size of the garage – its depth must be sufficient not only for the complete opening of the gate, but also for the installation of the electric drive. So if you are going to use automation, consider another 50 cm when calculating the depth of the room.

In addition, if you expect to control the gate from the remote control in the future, you need to lay the power cable in advance and install a socket on the ceiling.

The rest of the requirements for automated structures are the same as for manually operated gates. This is because modern electric drives are not only impressively functional, but also compact. More information about the best electric cars check here.

If for some reason sectional doors do not suit you, for example, the garage is unheated, which means that there is no point in buying “warm” structures, you can consider installing roller shutter doors on the garage. When opened, they roll up into a roll at the top of the opening.

In general, such gates are suitable for a garage, even if ventilation pipes and other engineering systems pass in it above the opening, and also if you have to enter the room directly from the sidewalk or there is little free space in front of the garage.

Roller shutter structures are installed indoors, outdoors or in an opening and can be made to order in almost any size. The maximum width is 7 m.

Video about garage doors openings

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