How Long Does It Take To Build A House? 2022 Updated


How Long Does It Take To Build A House

The answer to that depends on a large variety of factors, including whether or not you have a good contractor for a custom build. There are averages for three different build types, but a custom build will always take the longest.

In a custom build, the ultimate authority is you. You choose the land, the site, the architect and the contractor. If changes need to be made, they will have to consult with you about said changes before they can continue to build the house.

That has a lot of advantages but it also has some drawbacks. While the average amount of time is nearly twelve months, for some people which are building custom homes it took them two or three years. Part of that was the contractor… he wasn’t that great. The other part was weather related.

Where I live now, it would probably be closer to the year mark. SoCal doesn’t exactly have much in the way of weather, except when it gets to be well over one hundred degrees. However, at the time we lived in West Virginia, which has four seasons. The building season is about as long as the growing season, less than four months.

Tract homes take the least amount of time, usually a little under five months. In a tract house, there are usually one or two house plans, which speeds things up. Most of the fixtures are exactly alike, particularly in the kitchens and bathrooms. This allows the contractor to order in bulk.

Spec houses: Between tract houses and custom builds are spec houses. The builder/contractor speculates that someone will find this to be their dream home. These tend to be higher end houses and take a little under nine months to build.

Covid timing

The Covid pandemic has created a number of problems for home builders. There is a high demand for new homes and not a lot of supply. One of the main reasons would be the shortages. There is a shortage of skilled workers to build, wire and plumb the homes. That can cause significant delays.

Labor isn’t the only shortage. Lumber is very high priced and in short supply. Waiting for enough lumber to arrive to even begin building can create problems with the schedule. If the customer can provide lumber, that may reduce the delays.

The chip shortage may also play a role. Nowadays many people want smart homes, just like their smartphones. Chips play a role in creating the computer interface in these homes either directly or indirectly through the appliances chosen.

The length of time it takes to build a home will come down to location, getting required permits, weather and the aforementioned shortages. At the very least it is likely to take about half a year. At worst, you may face the kind of wait my parents had.



Date: 10.03.2022