How Much Does It Cost To Remodel A Bathroom?


How Much Does It Cost To Remodel A Bathroom

I could not believe my ears. To remodel our bathroom, the sales guy wanted sixty thousand dollars… and we’d have to gut it ourselves, plus buy the vanity. Even if it was the master bathroom it would be way too expensive… even in California.

This bathroom is a half bath, about five feet be maybe eight. After telling the guy no (several times over several days), it was time to do some research. I will grant that it was about thirty years ago that we did the first remodel. It didn’t cost anywhere near that then, even adjusted for inflation.

In the Lower Forty Eight of the United States, the average cost to remodel a bathroom of that size is between five thousand and eleven thousand dollars. That includes everything, including gutting it and all of the components.

It could cost up to twenty five or thirty thousand if what you want tends to be higher end or if there are repairs that have to be made. From what we’ve learned since, that’s about the right ball park figure for our needs. The repairs are mostly done but we want to choose quality replacements.

For a half bath, a full remodel will involve the shower, the toilet, the vanity, the medicine cabinet and usually paint plus flooring. For a full bath, you may include a walk in shower or a bath tub plus shower and cabinetry.

Why choose higher end components? If we rented this house out to someone, we might not go that route. However, we own it and live in it. Quality products tend to last longer and offer a higher resale value when the time comes to sell.

This bathroom does not come with any cupboards or cabinets other than those found in the fixtures. In order to store typical bathroom items, the vanity and medicine cabinet have to be capacious enough to do the job. They also have to fit.

Why not do it all ourselves? There are several good reasons for that. My husband and I are older, so that may not be a good idea physically. We don’t have the strength or stamina we used to have. On top of that, some of these things require someone who knows what they are doing to get them done correctly.

As an example, the shower will need to be hot mopped. A number of people have said so, even though I don’t know what all that entails. I certainly don’t think I could do it, particularly not better than a professional. I’m no great shakes at being a plumber, either.

Other professional benefits: They handle the dismantle and the debris, which can be fairly large. They will be a lot faster than a pair of weekend warriors like us and they will do a better job. If you have four people in the home like we do, that speed will be necessary.

Disadvantages: It will cost more due to labor rates and so forth. You will have strangers in your house, potentially for several days during the working hours. Someone will have to be there to let them in and keep an eye on things. As we both work from home, the latter isn’t as big a deal.

How much does it cost to remodel a bathroom? Depending on your location and whether or not you do it yourself it could be as low as four thousand dollars or as high as forty three thousand (Los Angeles and San Francisco boast those rates).


On average, bathroom remodels cost about $10,000. The most budget-friendly remodel can be done for $2,500, while high-end projects can be upwards of $30,000. The cost will vary depending on the scope.

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