How To Build A DIY Smoker For Home Using?

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DIY Smoker

How nice it is sometimes to taste smoked meats. And it is even more pleasant building a smoker yourself. How to make a diy smoker we will tell you in this article.

Table of Contents

  1. About Diy Smokers
  2. Vertical smokehouse (or mine)
  3. Horizontal (or tunnel)
  4. Chamber
  5. Hot smoked smokehouse
  6. DIY Smokers “for one-time use”
  7. Cold smoking smokers
  8. Mini smokers
  9. Smokers from scrap materials
  10. Summary
  11. Video how to make a homemade smoker

About Diy Smokers

True, for this in the country you still need to build a homemade smoker. On the one hand, this is a very simple oven, and on the other, it requires certain knowledge and understanding of the processes that will occur in it during operation.

Each type of smoking requires smoking ovens with their own, fundamentally different features. It seems interesting to analyze in more detail and present possible options for do-it-yourself smokers. Also if you are interested in bbq smoker or outdoor fireplace look through the useful article How to build an outdoor fireplace where you can find lots of fantastic things and advice on how to do it in the right way.

Vertical smokehouse (or mine)

Structurally, such a homemade smoker resembles a hut, where a fire is made below and the generation of smoke is maintained at the required level, and smoked products are hung in the upper part of it. Everything is simple and quite effective, but there are also disadvantages:

  • it is very difficult to regulate the amount of smoke that is poured into food
  • the method of fumigating food in this oven becomes practically inaccessible.

homemade smoker

Horizontal (or tunnel

In horizontal smokers, the firebox is separated from the chamber where the products are located, so that the amount of smoke entering the chamber, and therefore the temperature, can be regulated. (That is why such ovens can be used for both hot and cold smoking). A horizontal smoker can have different lengths (and therefore productivity). The main thing is that the slope is observed (to maintain and maintain traction).

diy smoker


The chamber can be a tank with a height of one and a half meters and a diameter of 1 meter. The fire is kindled under such a tank, and inside there are smoke-generating materials that are heated by the fire through the bottom of the tank and begin to smolder. However, despite the simplicity of the design, there are also some nuances here.

Each of the types presented is best suited for a particular smoked product and recipe. It seems interesting to name the most popular smoking models.

Hot smoked smokehouse

Hot smoking is the fastest and most ergonomic way to cook fish or meat. Dishes made from products prepared in this way acquire a piquant taste and aroma, they can be immediately served at the table. However, “fast” means a holding process for at least 4 hours at a temperature of 50 to 100 ° C.

IMPORTANT! It should be remembered that with this smoking format, food remains juicy, and therefore has a short shelf life (you need to consume it as soon as possible).

The chamber for hot smoking of products is a sealed container (it can be collapsible and have a lid, but it must necessarily tightly close the inner cavity). The smokehouse has the following device:

Firebox (it is located directly under the smoking chamber).

A chamber where products are placed and the smoking process takes place. There can be several cameras. The chamber must be sealed, otherwise you yourself and your neighbors will not be able to hide from the carried odor.

Water seal

This device is designed to remove carcinogenic impurities from smoke. In addition, a water seal separates the internal air flows in the chamber.


They are placed in the chamber so that the processed products can be placed on them. They are usually removable so that the space between them can be adjusted.


It is located at the bottom of the smoking chamber. During the smoking process, juice is released from the products. So that it does not start to burn from the high temperature of the water seal and does not impart an extraneous smell and a certain amount of carcinogens to the products, it must be collected on a relatively cold tray and removed when the chamber is rebooted. (Therefore, the pallet should be easily removable).

Homemade smokers for hot smoking can be of all three types specified in the previous section. But as a rule, tunnel or shaft ovens are highly efficient and are installed in cases where the smoking process goes on continuously (for example, they are common in restaurants, and even summer cafes, that is, in any catering establishments where smoked products are supposed to be on the menu).

DIY Smokers “for one-time use”

As for the smokers “for one-time use”, they have a chamber format. These smokers are common in hardware stores in any city.

However, if desired (and also in the case of the availability of the necessary materials), this oven can be designed independently. And here’s how to do it:

– You need to choose a place not in the lowland (that is, either on a hill or on a flat area) and lay a metal sheet (1m. X 1m.) On it.

– A large bucket (at least 0.7 m in height) or even a disinfected metal trash can will act as a smoking chamber. (What a bucket, what a tank should be made of stainless steel).

– Lay out the camera stand on both sides of the bricks. There should be at least three rows of bricks so that firewood can easily fit under the chamber and it is convenient to keep the fire going.

– Inside the chamber, you need to install a pre-made from thick wire (stainless steel) support for the tray and grates. However, such a design can also be bought together with grilles.

Sawdust will be poured into the bottom of the chamber, which will begin to smolder under the influence of temperature from the flame that you will maintain outside. It is better to equip the lid of a bucket or tank with a thermometer (for which you will need to drill a hole in it). The lid must be pressed firmly against the tank so that the inner container is tight.

how to make a smoker

Cold smoking smokers

“Cold” in such a furnace is very relative. It’s just that the smoke here has a lower temperature: when moving from the firebox to the chamber, it must have time to cool down. This is what determines the design of such a furnace. As a rule, ovens for cold smoking are tunnel (that is, horizontal), and you cannot build such an oven at catering establishments – it is too oversized. However, such a stove can be built at a summer cottage. How? More on this a little further, but for now we will analyze the main components of a cold homemade smoker:


This is a separate element in which the smoke required for smoking is generated. The firebox must be made as comfortable and spacious as possible, equipped with a voluminous ash pan, with which it will be possible to regulate the flow of smoke in the chimney. The firebox can be an independent (that is, movable) element in the structure of the entire furnace, that is, it can be welded, or it can be assembled from bricks.


An important element of the entire smoker bbq, which is responsible for the effective cooling of the generated smoke. The chimney is located parallel to the ground with a certain slope. It can be made either from a metal pipe or from wood. Moreover, it can generally be dug in the ground (if there is a slope). It is strongly not recommended to use heat-insulating materials for the manufacture of a chimney (for example, to lay out such a chimney from a brick).


The smoke from the chimney enters the chamber from below and, processing the food being prepared, goes into the hole from above. The smoke at this stage is no longer hot, so even a wooden barrel can be used as a chamber, and the hole through which the smoke will escape into the atmosphere can be adjusted with a lid.

Consider the same algorithm on how to make a cold smoking oven with your own hands:

– It should be noted right away that if there is no significant slope at your summer cottage, then you will have a large number of earthworks. The firebox should be located below the chimney (this is logical), so you first need to dig a pit to place the firebox. It will be possible to adapt a basement or even a cellar for this.

– Farther from the firebox, you should dig a chimney channel with a cross section of at least 0.3 m. x 0.3m. and a length of at least 6m. A pipe (with a diameter of at least 0.2 m) should be laid in the resulting ditch and one end of it should be connected to the firebox, and the other to the smoking chamber. The trench with the pipe inside should be filled up and taped tightly. The more thoroughly the rammer is, the better the heat transfer from the chimney will be and the more efficiently the smoke will be able to cool.

– In the container used as a smoking chamber, you should also install the holder for the grates and for the pallet. Sawdust is not poured here. The smoke will enter the chamber, smoke the food and exit through the slightly open lid at the top. Through the same lid, products are loaded into the chamber (and removed back).

The undoubted advantage of such smokehouses is that nowhere in their design is sealing (or compliance with any kind of tightness) required. In addition, products smoked with cold smoke last much longer (do not spoil).

Mini smokers

Now in hardware stores you can find very compact smokehouses that look like bread bins. Such smokehouses need to be purchased together with a barbecue. But if you have the skills to use electric welding, you can build a mini-smokehouse yourself. To do this, you need a pipe with a diameter of at least 280 mm.

Cut off a part from it that is 10 cm longer than the width of the barbecue. This is necessary so that in the future you can place this pipe directly on the grill.

One end of the pipe must be equipped with a bottom by cutting out its sheet of metal and welding it to the pipe. A similar plate for the other end of the pipe should be installed on the simplest loop – this will be the lid of the smoker bbq house, through which it will be necessary to fill in raw materials and smoldering material and take out the finished product.

One of the grates can either be picked up in the store, or made from wire (food steel) yourself. And the second lattice (you will need 2 of them in total) can be built by welding it from carbon steel wire:

– the top is intended for laying out the prepared products on it;

– bottom – for installing a pallet on it (it also makes sense to pick up a pallet in the store).

Due to the fact that the upper lattice cannot be wider than the pipe diameter, the lower one will be even narrower. Therefore, the products must be laid out neatly, closer to the middle of the grate, so that the dripping juices fall onto the pallet.

IMPORTANT! A mini smoker is an oven designed for hot smoking. With its help, it is convenient to cook at picnics: for example, you can take with you a small-format grill and homemade smoker for fishing – you will be guaranteed an unforgettable taste experience from the catch.

You must also remember to take with you dry sawdust from deciduous trees (conifers will not work – they will inform the products of the bitterness of their resin). The sawdust is poured into the bottom of the mini-smoker, then the grate for the pallet is installed, then the pallet itself, then the grate for the products and finally the products themselves. The stove is closed and placed on a working grill across it. To prevent the oven from rolling, the stops should be welded to it. Freshly caught fish should be smoked for 4 hours.

how to build a smoker

Smokers from scrap materials

In fact, a homemade smoker can be made from a wide variety of objects – it would be a fantasy:

– Smokers made from household appliances that are being decommissioned. An old refrigerator can be used as a hot smoking chamber. True, for this you need to work hard and remove from it all the electrics and radiator pipes, all plastic parts, as well as the rubber seal – only one metal case should remain. It is he who will need to “put on fire”, having previously loaded sawdust and products for cooking inside. You will also have to attend to the gratings of the desired format.

Due to the presence of a vertical door, such a homemade smoker will be easy to load with raw materials and take out finished products from there. In exactly the same way, you can adapt an old gas stove to a homemade smoker, having previously removed all fittings from it.

– The option of a hot smoking chamber from a bucket (or even a washed garbage can) has already been considered above. But it will be convenient building a smoker in a small-format from an old pan (with a lid and without plastic handles) and even from a 1.5-2-liter stainless steel metal flask. In the latter case, one of the lateral sides with end edges is cut off from the flask, no more than 5 mm. The edges should then be folded back so that the cut-off lid can cover the flask, squeezing tightly onto it.

A holder for the grates and the grates themselves should be made of stainless wire. On the fire, the former flask will need to be put on its side. Sawdust is usually poured onto the inside of this side, which will play the role of the bottom, and a pallet is installed on the lower grate, which can be used as a regular plate (although in this case it will be necessary to carefully place the food on the upper grate). The smoking process will take at least 4 hours.


Smoked dishes delight us with their taste, and homemade smokers – with the simplicity of their design. In addition, there are side beneficial effects: for example, the furnace for a cold smoking oven can be installed in the cellar, combining its annual (spring) heating with the process of smoking products. And you can create a hot smoked smokehouse from a variety of materials and household appliances that have served their purpose (they actually only need a container, that is, their body). It is only important to use your imagination here!

how to make smoker

Video how to make a homemade smoker

Date: 22.06.2021