How to Build an Outdoor Fireplace DIY Guide

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How to Build an Outdoor Fireplace

To build an outdoor fireplace does not require much effort. In addition, you can try to make a diy outdoor fireplace. This article will give you information about any kind of outdoor fireplace.

Table of Contents

  1. Foreword.
  2. Types of outdoor fireplaces.
  3. Important tips for installing an outdoor fireplace.
  4. Building a diy outdoor fireplace: step-by-step instructions.
  5. Stages of work.
  6. Laying an outdoor fireplace.
  7. Progress of outdoor fireplace.
  8. Chimney for a street fireplace.
  9. Finishing works.


Street fireplaces were once considered an object of luxury and wealth, but now it is quite common in any country house or cottage. They are functional and designed for a comfortable stay and cooking.

You can look at the burning fire indefinitely. It is especially nice to do it against the background of nature. You can arrange a fireplace in a country house or cottage and look at the flames in the room.

But it is not always possible to build a fireplace indoors – many designs of houses have restrictions on the use of open fire. And the perfect decision will be to make an outdoor fireplace.

It is enough to get the necessary drawings and decide on the details of the building. And a diy outdoor fireplace will definitely bring you much pleasure and comfort in today’s life.

Types of outdoor fireplaces

Of course, there are many options for an outdoor fireplace that can be built on your land. So now we will get acquainted with some of them.

Outdoor brick fireplace

It resembles an ordinary red brick fireplace in appearance, only it is located not in the house, but on the street outside it. It will differ only in that it has insulated side walls, which reduce the cost of firewood during cooking. The fireplace also retains heat well, so you can cook a variety of dishes in it, from barbecue to homemade soup.

Stove-grill fireplace

This is a kind of reduced small outdoor fireplace. Suitable for cooking any dishes. Such a fireplace can be also called and made like an outdoor fireplace with a pizza oven. It has the ability to fry, stew, bake, toast and even smoke. It is important that for smoking you need to leave a few coals in the firebox, sprinkle them with dry sawdust. A good option for an outdoor fireplace for those who like to cook on the fire.

Tandoor, or Asian fireplace

The main profile of this outdoor fireplace is cooking meat. On such a fireplace you can fry a large barbecue, whole carcasses, poultry and game. Additionally, it is possible to smoke products in cold and hot ways. The only thing the tandoor is not good for is baking.


A separate type of barbecues and fireplaces, which is designed specifically for cold and hot smoking. It has two chambers, a firebox and a chimney. The principle of operation is quite simple. Firewood burns in the firebox and gives off smoke that enters the smoking chamber and exits through the chimney. This is a variant of hot smoking. For cold, you will need to install a cast iron or steel container filled with sawdust over the burner.

Barbecue fireplace

Mainly intended for cooking kebabs or dishes that are cooked on the grill or grill. Fish, chicken and meat dishes can be prepared quickly in this outdoor fireplace. For even roasting, you will need to constantly turn the meat. Remember that the barbecue oven is not suitable for cooking oriental cuisine.

Classic street fireplace

It can be made with a stand for skewers, as well as a barbecue grill. Great for cooking both meat and fish dishes. By the way, to make such an outdoor fireplace is not difficult, it is quite possible to do with your own hands.

Important tips for installing an outdoor fireplace

To make your outdoor fireplace safe for you and your neighbors, consider the following installation points:

  • It is not recommended to mount it near bushes, trees or wooden structures. This can be fraught with negative consequences.
  • It is best to choose an open space for installation, which will be well ventilated.
  • You should not put a fireplace in the lowlands, because if it rains and you have to cook, you can just find yourself in a puddle.

Building a diy outdoor fireplace: step-by-step instructions

  1. Basically, most often install or build an ordinary classic outdoor fireplace. To build it, we first need to decide where it will be located, as well as find a scheme of construction.
  2. Next, we acquire all the necessary materials that may be needed in this case. In order to build a diy outdoor brick fireplace, we will need:
  • Brick;
  • Cement;
  • Water;
  • Clay;
  • Crushed stone;
  • Roofing material;
  • Wood;
  • Slope;
  • Building level and wooden corner;
  • Container for diluting the solution.

Outdoor Fireplace DIY

Stages of work

The first and foremost task will be to make a good and solid foundation for our facility. This is very important because the whole future construction will be based on it.

So, let’s get to work.

Basis of construction

  1. To begin with we make a marking where an outdoor fireplace will be. Allocate and clean the area under it.
  2. Next, you need to dig a pit with a shovel. Its depth should be at least 70 centimeters deep. The size of the pit should be made 100 millimeters larger on each side of the structure.
  3. When our pit is ready, we pour rubble on the bottom and compact it well.
  4. The next step will be a gulf of cement, in a ratio of 2: 1.
  5. From boards it will be necessary to establish a timbering and then once again finally to fill in with a solution and to level a surface well.
  6. Disassemble the formwork after the concrete has completely hardened after about 20 days.

Outdoor Fireplace how to build

Laying an outdoor fireplace

The second stage, after we have made a solid foundation, will be laying bricks. Here the main thing is to follow the basic rules in construction.

At this stage, you should take into account the fact that our design will be in contact with fire, respectively, must withstand high temperatures.

Therefore, the solution should be added a little clay and fireclay powder (approximately 10% of the total mass). These materials will give the necessary heat resistance, and our furnace will not fall apart. By the way, in places of the highest temperature, it is recommended to use heat-resistant brick.

Progress of outdoor fireplace

  1. From the very beginning it is necessary to make a continuous plane of a brick. It is important to note that it must be very smooth. Therefore we cover our base with roofing material which provides waterproofing of a design, and we put a whole brick in the first row.

Note that the important point here is to monitor the level of the masonry, which simply has to be perfectly parallel to the ground. To do this, use a level, preferably long, that could get from one wall to another.

Another point is the angles of construction. Also, use a level and a triangle. Before that, you should first just lay out the bricks and check if everything is in order. And only then put it on the solution.

  1. Next, put the following rows of fireplaces. They already need to be done with a bandage. This means that the next row overlaps the seam of the previous one.
  2. Install the grate in a few rows. They will be the conductor of air to the combustion department. To do this, put them on a brick and draw with a pencil. Next, use a Bulgarian with a circle on the stone and make some reduction in masonry. The depth should be equal to the grate, and the width is a couple of inches larger.
  3. The final step – the installation of doors and dampers. For durability, it is necessary to weld to its frame some strips of metal. Immediately before installation, the door is treated with an asbestos cord. It will provide the necessary plane of fitting and will not allow smoke to get.

buildingoutdoor fireplace

Chimney for a street fireplace

Almost the final stage will be the installation of a chimney on our fireplace. It is needed to remove smoke and ensure air circulation.

For outdoor fireplaces, it is best to use a modular chimney. It is easy to install and will provide the output of exhaust gases.

This design can be bought, because it is on sale. It has the necessary insulation, and even an inexperienced person will be able to install it by following the instructions. The main thing is to follow the following principles:

  1. Always start the installation from the unit itself.
  2. When assembling the elements, make sure that they are fastened tightly. This is very important during operation.
  3. In no case do not allow cracks in a design.
  4. Depth of fastening of elements – not less than half of section of pipes.
  5. Access must be free for connections. It will provide timely cleaning of the structure and all its elements.
  6. You can not make joints in partitions and walls.

It will be also useful to read the article about Chimney repair and how much does it cost

Finishing works

Well, our design is ready and all that remains is to betray its beautiful appearance. You can use tiles or plaster to finish the outdoor fireplace. Additionally, decorate it with a drawing or some other design elements.

As you can see, it is possible to build a DIY outdoor fireplace in your own yard. The main thing is to follow some rules in installation and construction. After completing all the work, you will be able to arrange delicious barbecues at home.

DIY outdoor fireplace in your own yard

Date: 27.05.2021

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