How to Build Outdoor Sauna. 7 Useful Tips Before Starting to Build Finlandia Sauna

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How to build outdoor sauna

Do you dream of creating a recreation area at home? How about building an outdoor sauna? In this article, we’ll give you 7 tips for installing a sauna.

Table Contents

  1. Facts about Finlandia Sauna:
  2. How to build an outdoor sauna?
  3. How to make walls, ceiling and floor in an outdoor sauna.
  4. Tips for finlandia sauna care.
  5. What is – outdoor infrared sauna.
  6. Questions and Answers about outdoor finlandia sauna:
  7. Recommendations and Contraindication
  8. Video how to build sauna

One of the most favorite ways for many people to spend their free time is to go to the finlandia outdoor sauna. Very often the owners of private houses arrange a small and sometimes solid sauna. This is not only a pleasant thing, but also quite healthy. Diy outdoor sauna is a big privilege for every house owner.

What is a finlandia outdoor sauna?

What is a finlandia outdoor sauna
The Finnish classic bath appeared about 2000 years ago. The institution was intended not only for hygienic procedures, but also for communication with friends, colleagues and relatives. The sauna could unite or quarrel with people forever.

The ancestors of the classic Finnish sauna were Russian and Irish baths. Finns for a long time led a nomadic lifestyle, borrowed useful skills and knowledge from other peoples. For a long time the sauna was mobile, it looked like a tent. It was installed near a lake or river. The role of the furnace was performed by a fire lit inside. The tent later became a stationary structure, a wooden house. The sauna was drowning “in black” when the smoke was launched inside the steam room. Some Finnish baths are still heated today.

The classic Finlandia outdoor sauna is somewhat reminiscent of the usual Russian bath. It is a small wooden house by the lake or river. A wooden bath is being built. Use only coniferous trees, only their broom part. This ensures the right microclimate and prevents the release of wood resin. Prefer spruce and pine. But recently began to meet alder and linden. All interior decoration of the sauna (benches, buckets, shelves) is made of hardwoods.

Such wood has low thermal conductivity. This helps protect visitors from unpleasant burns. An open stove is used as a stove. The stones are located outside, it evenly heats the room. Humidity at the same time does not exceed admissible limits.

Building a finlandia sauna

Building a finlandia sauna
First of all it is necessary to make a sketch of planning. It should be noted that the finlandia sauna is small in size. There should be 2 person in the outdoor sauna. Finnish men and women even soar separately. The optimal size for a steam room varies from five to ten meters, while the entire sauna should not exceed forty.

The ceilings in finlandia saunas are low – a maximum of 2.1 meters. Therefore, the doors are standard sizes. Due to the small size for the construction of such a sauna is suitable for any type of foundation: reinforced concrete, stones in cement, brick pillars.

Doors can be chosen both for the house, and from a tree. The latter option will be much better, as the room will then be completely closed.

You should also think carefully about the method of ventilation. Otherwise, there can be quite tragic consequences of overheating.

Detail information how to build diy outdoor sauna:

  1. The set of saunas is the easiest to use. It consists of wooden panels for partitions, roof, floor frame, doors, and also includes benches, ventilation and heating system.
  2. The air must be constantly renewed to avoid dizziness from carbon dioxide. The outdoor sauna must be ventilated at the top and bottom to avoid excess heat. To do this, the floor is mounted on a lattice, and the ceiling is built into the assembly of the rear end panels.
  3. For wood species, the cabin should be made of pine or abacha wood after treatment, which promises good insulation. Platforms and benches are made of aspen wood, which retains less heat than the above species.
  4. The outdoor sauna must be completely insulated. To do this, a fiberglass mattress is placed between the two faces, and the door is adapted (smoked glass capable of withstanding a temperature of 200 ° C) to strong fluctuations in temperature and humidity.
  5. You can use a simple sauna heater in finlandia sauna or you can take the healthier one – infrared sauna heater. It’s your decision what to choose.
  6. It is strongly recommended not to use metal that can overheat in the sauna. No nails or screws should appear! The electric stove is mounted on legs and consists of an aluminum casing, spiral and armored supports, a fire barrier, a cast iron pan.
  7. If you want to lie down, plan a width of 180 cm. To sit, 60 cm will be enough. Be careful that the heat rises, the height should be from 190 cm to 200 cm.
  8. To install it, keep in mind that the outdoor sauna should not exceed 20 square meters under the sanction for the obligation to obtain a building permit. In a small house, think of cramped spaces such as pantries, large built-in closets, unused attics. If it is included, you can move it as you see fit.

How to make walls, ceiling and floor in the finlandia outdoor sauna

Exterior walls can be made of absolutely any material: brick, wood or even stone. But the choice of material for interior walls should be treated much more meticulously. It is not necessary to choose planned boards from a pine without a vapor barrier protective layer. Such a sauna can only harm due to the release of resin vapors. The best option for construction – Finnish spruce.

The ceiling in the steam room must be made of beams with a cross section of eighty millimeters with a lining of lime board. The distance between the beams is from sixty to one hundred centimeters.

The coolest place in the Finnish outdoor sauna will be the floor. It is not recommended to make it wooden, as it darkens and becomes slippery over time. The ideal option – a concrete floor on which it is possible to lay out beautifully in a ceramic tile. In order not to feel the cold, released from the floor, you need to put wooden flooring.

Basic tips for finlandia outdoor sauna care

  • Do not paint or varnish the interior of the sauna interior. The tree must breathe. Artificial wood coatings can cause severe surface heating, creating the risk of evaporation of these coatings.
  • The easiest way to take care of the sauna is wet cleaning with a brush and water. Keep the brush close to the sauna door. The last person leaving the sauna quickly wipes the shelves, walls, floor. with a damp brush. This few minutes ritual will make your outdoor sauna always tidy and won’t require the use of stronger cleaners for wooden parts than clean water.
  • After you have steamed in the outdoor sauna, and put it in order, do not forget to lift a wooden lattice from a floor and open a sauna door for its airing, let the heat which has remained in stones and in a sauna tree not only in a sauna, but also in the shower room, if it is located next to the steam room.
  • If dirt or stains appear in the outdoor sauna (if you have not washed the sauna several times after using it), remove them with a hand brush soaked in warm water with a weak detergent solution. To make the shelves look like new, you can lightly sand them about once a year. This will return them to an almost pristine appearance. If you happen to have mold somewhere (for example, on a wooden floor grille), try removing it with bleach.
  • If you often use the outdoor sauna, from time to time do wet cleaning of the floor using liquid deodorant and cleaner.
  • And yet, despite some difficulties, the traditional Finnish outdoor sauna is an incomparable pleasure that everyone should experience at least once in their life.

What is outdoor infrared sauna

What is a finlandia sauna
Infrared outdoor sauna

Infrared outdoor sauna has recently appeared on the market, but is already in constant demand and is not going to give up. This is not surprising, because all over the world, infrared sauna is a synonym for beauty and health.

In 1965, Japanese doctor Tadashi Ishikawa patented a ceramic infrared heater. For the first 14 years, the heater was used only in Japan, mainly for the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis and some skin diseases. And in 1979 the invention was successfully presented at a medical exhibition in the United States. It occurred to Dr. Ishikawa that to enhance the therapeutic effect, you can equip a small room with several emitters. This is how infrared outdoor saunas appeared.

The basic principle of operation of infrared outdoor saunas is the radiation of special heaters (emitters) of thermal (infrared) waves. Infrared radiation is completely safe and natural for humans. The main source of infrared radiation is the sun. Infrared radiation is a spectrum of electromagnetic radiation that the human eye cannot see. The infrared spectrum is located in the wavelength range from 0.75 to a thousand microns.

Infrared radiation helps to warm organs, tissues, joints and bones, as well as accelerates the movement of blood and other fluids in the body. After a session in an infrared sauna, the general condition improves, the metabolic process in the body intensifies, resulting in an increase in the overall action of the immune system, increases the level of oxygen in the body, which promotes better muscle function.

Outdoor Infrared cabin

At 40-60C you sweat more intensely than in a normal sauna at 100C. In addition, there is a hypothesis that infrared heat is the energy of qi – the breath of life and health.

The main effect of this infrared outdoor sauna is rapid detoxification of the body. Along the way, the walls of blood vessels are strengthened, blood circulation and lymph flow are accelerated, immunity is increased (but this is also influenced by ordinary couples). Outdoor Infrared saunas are often used in figure correction programs: an average of 500 calories are burned in one session.

After the session, it is recommended to drink one or two glasses of water or green tea to fill the loss of moisture. Apparently, the only disadvantage of these saunas is the danger of overheating, because thanks to the cool air, high temperatures are much easier to tolerate.

Therefore, you should not sit for hours in the infrared outdoor sauna – possible side effects up to fainting and tachycardia. In addition, the traditional ritual of soaring – with tea, massages, conversations – is more suitable for a regular sauna. And the outdoor infrared cabin is first of all the device for therapeutic purposes.
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Questions and Answers

How to build a Finnish outdoor sauna?

Anyone can build a Finnish sauna. The main conditions are quality materials, diligence and the correct construction technique. It is especially easy to go through the construction process for those who are already familiar with the construction of the bath. And if the experience is not enough, it is best to turn to specialists and build a turnkey Finnish outdoor sauna.

The difference between the Russian bath and the Finnish outdoor sauna

Many people are interested in how the Russian bath differs from the Finnish outdoor sauna? Now let’s try to understand in more detail.
First, the state of money. In the Russian bath it is wet, in the Finnish sauna – dry.
Secondly, the humidity in the Finnish outdoor sauna is much lower. A valid value of five to eight percent. A mark of twenty-five percent can cause lung burns. In the Russian bath, the humidity reaches seventy percent, but should not be less than forty.
Third, the air temperature in the Finnish outdoor sauna is two and a half to three times higher. That is, if the optimal value for the sauna is one hundred and thirty degrees, then the maximum allowed for the bath is seventy.

What is the difference between a sauna and a Finnish bath

Many may be confused by concepts such as the Finnish bath and sauna. But, in fact, it’s the same thing. Also, as in Russia, the bath has always been popular with locals. After all, it used to be the only place where people could perfectly cleanse their body due to almost sterile conditions.

What are the benefits of a Finnish outdoor sauna?

The outdoor sauna will bring great health benefits. The main thing is to follow some rules, and then you will have good health. You should also read the contraindications. So, let’s look at the main nuances.

A real Finnish outdoor sauna: benefits and recommendations

What is a good Finnish sauna:

First of all, it should be noted that the adoption of the Finnish sauna has a beneficial effect on the blood supply.
A good way to cleanse the body.
The work of the nervous system improves.
The effect of youthful skin.

Recommendations for staying in the sauna

Before going to the outdoor sauna, you need to take a warm shower without using detergents. If you are new, then the stay in the room should not exceed four minutes. More experienced people are recommended to stay for about seven minutes. The event time can be extended to fifteen minutes. It all depends on how you feel. It is also necessary to take a break between runs in the sauna. The best option would be around ten minutes. But it can be longer. But the hair is not recommended to wet in front of the sauna. Otherwise, they will become brittle and dull from the effects of dry air and high temperatures.

Due to the fact that the skin is well steamed, you can make various masks, peels or even wraps. The effect of them will be much more noticeable than after taking a bath.


But there is a category of people who are not recommended to visit the finlandia outdoor sauna. This is primarily due to the presence of the following diseases:

High pressure

You should leave the outdoor sauna immediately if you feel unwell in the form of dizziness or fever.

Video how to build sauna

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