How to Build Your Own Hot Tub DIY

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How to Build your own DIY Hot Tub

Build your own hot tub and save money at the same time! In this guide you will learn everything that is needed, from planning to the material list, how to build your own diy hot tub.

Table Contents

    1. What you should pay attention to – while building a hot tub.
    2. Questions that we recommend to ask yourself before starting your project.
    3. Building your own hot tub from scratch, hot tub steps.
    4. Filter water.
    5. Electric hot tub heater.
    6. Preparations and planning.
    7. Line routing.
    8. Air chambers.
    9. Conclusion
    10. Video how to build hot tub

What must be considered before building a hot tub?

Before we get down to work, a few basic questions should be clarified.
Then we plan our strategy together so that you can design your own personal hot tub. Because of course not everyone has the same idea of what their perfect hot tub should ultimately look like. So look at these hot tub steps that we recommend for you.

Before you begin, ask yourself the following questions:

Would you like to build an outdoor hot tub for the garden from scratch?
Equip an existing pool or your own pool with hot tub kits?

Don’t worry, you will find the right information for both options in this article.

1: Build your own hot tub from scratch?

The first question is what should the pool be made of?

Would you like a:

  • Basin made of stone walls?
  • Pour concrete basin?
  • Make basins out of stainless steel?
  • Use prefabricated GRP pools?
  • Equip an acrylic bathtub?
  • Build a wooden hot tub with a foil lining
  • Upgrading a steel wall prefabricated swimming pool
  • Expand a swimming pond with a hot tub function?

Preparations and planning

In general, the following applies:

If the water remains in the pool and is kept at bathing temperature then a water filtering and water treatment against cloudiness and heating is necessary for this.

Filter water.

For filtering, there are sand filter systems, cartridge filters and corresponding filter zones for the swimming pond. The water is sucked out of the hot tub by the pump using a surface skimmer and cleaned of coarse dirt particles by the pre-filter. The water is then fed back into the basin through the filter.

Heat water

Solar panels and solar energy can be used to heat the water in your hot tub. Electric hot tub heater systems and instantaneous water heaters are further options to add heat to the circulating water and can thus act as heating.

Preparations and planning:

Plan line routing

The pipes must be installed in such a way that no residual water can remain in the pipes when the hot tub is emptied. This water would freeze when the hot tub was installed outdoors and at sub-zero temperatures.

If the hot tub is in the frost-protected area and it is left empty after use, e.g. or for a longer period of time (summer months), the remaining water can become moldy. Lay the lines with a slope to a low point. This can be an inlet nozzle, the suction or a screw connection.

In winter you can let the water run out by opening a cap or screw connection from your hot tub.
For bathtubs there are special drain fittings with a residual water connection. At the same time as the hot tub is emptied, these also open the opening for the connected pool line.

Avoid air chambers

Another point when planning the pipelines is to run the piping in such a way that no air chambers are created when the hot tub is filled. This can mean that the water pump is not supplied with water and thus the water massage does not start.

Think through which openings the water flows into the pipes during filling the hot tub and how the displaced air in the pipes can escape.

In general, the following applies:

The pipes carrying water and pipes carrying air (Venturi air) only come together in the nozzles themselves. This means that the airline cannot be used to vent the water line in the hot tub.

If it is impossible to avoid the inclusion of air, we offer a special vent valve, which then, if necessary, allows the trapped air to escape by unscrewing.


Regardless of whether you want to build your hot tub from concrete, wood, or from a prefabricated tub. Your hot tub always needs a heater, nozzles, filters and a pump. The more work you can do to build your own DIY hot tub, the more money you will save.
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Video how to build hot tub

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Date: 18.05.2021