5 Steps How to Clean a TV Screen



how to clean a tv screen

In America, the average household has 7 televisions and the average American watches 28 hours of television a week. Televisions are very important to us so the way we care for our electronic companions is important as well. Depending on the type of television you have determines the safest way to clean a television screen.

How to Clean a TV Screen

Old fashioned “tube” TV screens were made of glass. This allowed the TV screen to be cleaned much like you would clean a window. You could simply spray glass cleaner right on the screen and wipe. Today’s TV screens are LCD or OLED which means they have diodes that emit light and can be damaged by wet cleaning. Even the older model plasma screen TVs have a thin screen much like the LCD and OLED screens and can be damaged by harsh chemicals, like many window cleaners.

So, how do you clean a TV screen? Follow these steps to clean your TV screen to make your next viewing bright and sharp:

Step 1. Always refer to your TV’s user manual.

It is always safe to follow the user manual when cleaning your TV screen. If you do not have the manual, you can find a copy of that manual online.

Step 2. Turn off your TV.

You want to make sure your screen is cool before cleaning. When grime and grit are warm, they are harder to remove. With the screen off, you will also be able to see the dust and fingerprints more clearly.

Step 3. Remove the dust with a microfiber cloth.

Before you use any type of cleansing agent, remove the dust with a microfiber cloth. Microfiber cloths are made to catch dust in the woven material without much pressure. You can damage the liquid crystals inside your screen by pressing too hard on the screen or you can actually move the crystals and ruin the color and picture. Using a paper towel requires more pressure and can also scratch the delicate screen of your TV. Paper towels can also leave a residue behind that is difficult to remove. To be safe, always use a microfiber cloth or an electrostatic cleaning product. It is best to wipe in one direction first, for example horizontally, then the other way, turning your cloth often to use the cleanest part.

Step 4. Never spray the screen directly with any type of liquid.

If your screen is particularly smudged with fingerprints that can be oily, spray your CLOTH with water, not the screen, and rub gently, back and forth, over the smudge. Continue this step until all smudges are removed. Be sure to overlap as you wipe to make sure you do not leave any streaks behind. You may also use moist wipes that are made especially for electronic screens once again being aware of the amount of pressure you use.

Step 5. If necessary, use a drop of dish soap to clean tough messes.

If you have children, or even passionate sports fans, you know drinks and food can be splashed on a tv screen. If this occurs, add a drop of dish soap to water, about 1 drop to a fourth of a cup of water, and dip or spray onto the microfiber cloth. Gently rub back and forth with the wet cloth until the stain is removed followed by a dry microfiber cloth to ensure no streaks are left behind.

We spend a lot of time and money choosing the TVs that go into our home. We make memories with family and friends watching shows and events that bring us together. Make sure your investment stays in its best shape by properly cleaning its screen so you can continue to enjoy your TV for years to come.

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Date: 22.03.2022