How to Clean Glass Shower Doors [Ultimate Guide]

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How to clean glass shower doors

Some may think that glass shower doors do not require special care. This judgment is fundamentally wrong, because like any other element in the house, the glass cabin needs regular cleaning and care.

Table of Contents

  1. Features of cleaning glass shower doors and cabins.
  2. Rules to keep your glass shower doors clean.
  3. Cleaning glass shower doors.
  4. How to clean the shower tray.
  5. Folk remedies for cleaning glass shower doors.
  6. General rules of care for a shower cabin.
  7. How to keep the glass doors of the shower brilliantly clean.
  8. Video how to clean glass shower doors

Features of cleaning glass shower doors and cabins

The price of a shower cabin is not small, so it is better to clean and wash it regularly than to try to clean the old dirt.

It should be borne in mind that you have to take care of several different materials:

  • Plumbing (faucet, shower funnel) are most likely made of steel;
  • The walls can be made of glass or plastic, so when cleaning you need to make sure not to scratch or break the glass/plastic;
  • Another important element of the cabin can be called a pallet. It can be made of both natural and artificial stone, metal and acrylic models can be distinguished from budget models;
  • Of course, you will have to face the need to clean the tiles.

It is unlikely to be possible to choose one universal glass cleaner for the shower to solve the question of how to wash the shower cabin inside. In addition, for each of these elements, there are several ways to clean, so you will need a whole arsenal of cleaners. Fortunately, with regular cleaning, most types of contaminants can be treated with folk remedies.

Rules to keep your glass shower doors clean

In order for the shower to always be clean, you need to follow a few simple rules:

  • After taking a shower you just need to rinse the surface with warm or even cold water and, if possible, wipe them dry. If, for example, soap suds will accumulate in a hard-to-reach place, then the more time passes, the more difficult it will be to remove;

Pay attention! At this stage, cleaners are not used.

  • Once a week you can approach this issue more responsibly. There will be no need for some way to wash the shower. Particular attention is paid to hard-to-reach places;
  • General cleaning is desirable to perform about once every 1-1.5 months, if the shower is well cared for, then this period can be extended. Literally, every millimeter of the shower cubicle is thoroughly cleaned, various scrapers, soft brushes, steam cleaners, etc. are used.

Suitable glass cleaner for showers and each type of surface will be discussed below. The general requirement can be considered the absence of abrasives, as they simply scratch any surface in the cabin, as well as the absence of hard brushes and scrapers (the reason is the same). The use of soft cloths, rubber scrapers, brushes with very soft bristles can be considered optimal.

The question of cleaning glass shower doors, too general – for example, recommendations for cleaning glass walls are not suitable for porcelain trays or chrome funnels. Therefore, it is better to consider the best cleaning options for each element of the shower separately.

Rules to keep your glass shower doors clean

Cleaning glass shower doors

In this case, everything is simple, glass – a material quite strong and resistant to household chemicals. Therefore, to clean it, simply spray the glass cleaner for a shower evenly on the surface in the form of a spray and remove it with a soft cloth. If the plaque could not be removed the first time, then repeat the procedure until the glass shower doors become completely transparent

As for specific cleaning products, they are very popular and other products that are always heard have proved to be quite good. You can use special scrapers when cleaning glass shower doors, as in professional window washers.

Pay attention! When deciding how to clean glass shower doors, people usually do not care too much about their own safety. When working in a closed cabin with sprays, its concentration can increase so much that a person is simply poisoned. To prevent this, you can spray the product on a rag outside the shower.

Much worse if the walls are made of plastic, compared to glass, it is less resistant to chemicals. In this case, the glass cleaner for shower should exclude all liquids and gels containing any solvents (acetone, etc.), as well as formic acid and formaldehyde.

If the shower cabin is angular, then in addition to solving the problem of cleaning the glass shower doors, you will also have to clean the walls. If this is not done, the seams between the tiles will darken quickly, and its surface will become matte and ugly.

Special steam cleaners can be used to remove old dirt. A jet of steam escaping from the spout of such a cleaner will quickly remove the most resistant dirt on glass shower doors and all the cabin.

How to clean the shower tray

When it comes to the question of how to clean glass shower doors, it is simply unwise to leave the tray unattended. In this case, much depends on what material the shower tray is made of.

Porcelain models have almost a mirror surface. For cleaning, if necessary, it is best to use special care products for artificial stone. Usually dirt does not accumulate on the tray itself, so it is enough to wipe it on all sides, that’s the whole instruction.

Acrylic is easily scratched, so all kinds of universal powders and other abrasive cleaners shower immediately. The appropriate means must be inscribed that it is suitable for acrylic baths.

All of the above is true in relation to. And if the scratch on the porcelain can still be removed, even if it is not easy, it is almost impossible to remove the scratch from the enamel.

How to clean the shower tray

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Folk remedies for cleaning glass shower doors

Most often, in cases where you have to decide what is better to clean glass shower doors, it all comes down to choosing the right detergent. But there are many ways to clean the shower with the help of improvised means, and the cleaning efficiency is comparable to purchased cleaners.

Here are some tips:

  • A fairly powerful cleaning spray can be prepared with your own hands. All you need to do is mix citric acid and baking soda in a ratio of 1.5: 1. Then the solution should be well mixed and you can spray it on the glass of the booth, after 10-15 minutes it will be enough to just rinse the surface with water. For plastic, this recipe is not suitable, after all, soda is an abrasive and can scratch it;
  • You can do without soda – just slightly dilute the citric acid with water and wipe the contaminated areas;
  • Pay attention! For some time there will be a rather sharp smell, but literally in 30-40 minutes it will disappear if you do not close the shower.
  • Also glass shower doors (and taps) can be easily cleaned by means of usual medical alcohol (vodka will approach also), and also water, all it is necessary to mix in a proportion 1: 2. It is enough to moisten a rag in the received solution and to go on glass and cranes, everything will be to shine as in a shop window;
  • This option on how to clean the glass shower doors with folk remedies does not end.
  • You can mention the usual toothpaste, it can be squeezed on heavily soiled and after 20 minutes just rinse;

General rules of care for a shower cabin

The shower cabin can be found more and more often in modern apartments. It is comfortable, functional and saves a lot of space. But in the course of operation on doors and metal parts of a shower cabin the plaque which spoils appearance settles down.

The difficulty is that the cabin parts are made of different materials, and each requires an individual approach. Therefore, among the variety of products offered, the question “how to clean the shower” remains relevant.

There are general rules for the care of the shower, which will help to do general cleaning effectively and as rarely as possible:

  • After each use, the cabin must be rinsed with clean water and wiped dry.
  • When the cab is not in use, try to leave the door open for natural ventilation and lower humidity.
  • Clean weekly using a special glass cleaner for shower, then rinse the cabin thoroughly and wipe dry again.

How to keep the glass doors of the shower brilliantly clean

How to keep the glass doors of the shower brilliantly clean

After a few days, the gloss hides a layer of soap suds, which is actually a mixture of oils, mineral deposits, talc from soap, mold and impurities of running water. Moreover, if you have tried to get rid of the scale, you can already imagine how tiring it can be to clean glass shower doors.

Store shelves are broken by various types of means for cleaning the glass doors of the shower. However, these commercial products are very strict on door materials, as well as toxic to the skin. Thus, the best way to clean glass shower doors is to use natural cleaners.

How to keep the glass doors of the shower brilliantly clean


Did you know that you can clean glass shower doors with vinegar? Fill a clean bottle with a spray of warm water and white distilled vinegar, then spray the mixture on the shower door. Leave for half an hour, then wipe the glass door with a sponge and rinse with clean water to wash off the foam.

Lemon and sandpaper

Lemon and sandpaper on the glass are no less effective tools in cleaning glass doors, especially with hard mineral deposits. Apply a teaspoon of lemon juice on the skin on the glass and use it to clean calcined plaque. The acid in the juice corrodes hard deposits on the glass, which facilitates cleaning.

Tartar and hydrogen peroxide

Baking soda

We all know about the deodorization and properties of baking soda. To clean the glass shower door, apply a little baking soda to the sponge and wipe the door, then rinse it off. Another method is to mix one cup of baking soda and one cup of salt. Put white vinegar in a spray bottle and spray it on the glass door. Take a sponge and slightly moisten it on one side with plain water. Use a damp sponge to apply a mixture of baking soda and salt to the door. Wipe and rinse the product from the door.


Take one teaspoon of detergent and add it to a glass of hot water. Immerse the washcloth in this mixture and start cleaning the shower door. Don’t worry, the metal washcloth does NOT scratch the glass door, its fibers are too small. In fact, it is very effective in removing dirt from the surface of the door. In addition, the detergent destroys the deposition of hard water.

Rock salt

Rock salt is a sufficiently effective remedy against hard water deposits that remain on the glass of the door. However, rock salt can only be used on glass shower doors, no other materials. Use a sponge to remove dirt from the glass door and then rinse.

No matter what you use to clean glass shower doors, don’t forget to always use rubber gloves when cleaning. You never know how an allergic reaction to a chemical may occur. Once you decide which cleaner is best for your door, cleaning it will no longer seem like a daunting task.

Only a few decades ago, such a type of washing organization as a “shower” was available only to wealthy families and in ordinary homes, such a miracle has not even been heard of. Currently, such separate washbasins are one of the most common options for organizing a bathroom. It is unlikely that any business owner will refuse to organize a separate room in the house for a shower, even with a regular bathroom.

Keep your shower cabins always clean and shiny!!!!

Video how to clean glass shower doors

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