How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs Permanently


How to get rid of bed bugs permanently

Bed bugs in the house are a shameful fact for many, which for some reason it is customary to hide. Armed with folk methods or means from the store, the tenants begin an unequal battle. How to get rid of bed bugs permanently we are going to tell you here in this article.

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  1. How to understand that bugs have started at home
  2. How to detect bedbugs
  3. How to get rid of bedbugs
  4. Where to look for bed bugs
  5. How to prevent bedbugs
  6. Conclusion
  7. Video how to get rid of bed bugs permanently

Bed bugs or ants are not a thing of the past. These parasites can appear in any apartment, and its social status for bloodsucking is not at all important. Ants, moles and different insects are a common problem nowadays. How to get rid of ants in your car you can also check in this article, it might be really useful for you.

How to know if you have bed bugs

The bed bug is a blood-sucking insect. Bed bug size is over about 0.5 cm, dark yellow or brown. The body is flattened – this shape helps in most cases not to be crushed, for example, when a person turns in a dream. A well-fed parasite is less mobile and more rounded. This is a nocturnal insect that attacks during sleep, when the victim is as relaxed and defenseless as possible.

They can appear for various reasons. Cleanliness and constant hygiene of the premises, of course, reduce the risk of infection, but also not a panacea. The insect can be brought on shoes, building materials, from any crowded places.

One of the first signs that bed bugs live in the house is the appearance of bites on the body. Since the insect moves through the body in the process of saturation, the wounds are located side by side, most often in a chain. One bloodsucker can put about three to five wounds.

Insect bites can cause a severe allergic reaction: they become inflamed and enlarged, and sometimes the temperature can rise. However, in some people, they do not appear at all. This does not mean that bedbugs bite selectively, it is just that the body does not always give out a reaction.

Bed bugs painlessly bite open skin at night and are rarely seen by victims. Bites usually occur on the face, neck, and hands. Some do not react, and the only sign of a bite is a small dot. It has been noticed that in older people they appear less often.

The classic manifestation of a bug bite is a blister of about 2-5 mm, which is most often accompanied by itching. Some patients have asymptomatic purple spots at the bite sites and may also present as hives.

Skin reactions can be detected upon waking or a few days after the bite. The bites usually disappear after a week.

If the bites become infected, you should immediately see a doctor. These complications can take several weeks to heal.

The causative agents of some diseases, such as the hepatitis B virus, methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, and others, have been found in bedbugs, but no clinical transmission of these diseases to humans has been identified.

It is believed that in an apartment infested with bedbugs, there is a smell that is compared to the scent of nutmeg or cheap cognac. But with a small accumulation of these insects, it may not smell anything.

what do bed bugs look like

How to check for bed bugs

Check your bedding carefully. The question is can you see bed bugs? Of course, bed bugs leave excrement – small black dots. You can also see tiny traces of blood after being bitten.

Since these insects are active at night, they can be seen around four to five in the morning if the lights are on. It is during this period that they creep out.

It is imperative to check the places of possible habitat of parasites. The bloodsucker tries to stay closer to the power source, so most often it hides in the seams of the mattress, sofa, upholstery – not far from the sleeping place. But they can also hide in places where they are unlikely to be disturbed: in baseboards, cracks or behind pieces of peeled wallpaper, paintings, carpets.

Even if the insects themselves are not visible, discarded chitinous shells remain in their habitats.

How to get rid of bed bugs

The ideal temperature for bedbugs is + 20-30 ° С. Therefore, her significant change can kill them. But they are quite tenacious and in uncomfortable conditions are able to slow down life processes – to fall into a state resembling suspended animation, without needing food for months.

Heat exposure

A mark on the thermometer over 45 ° C is fatal for bedbugs and their larvae [1]. Therefore, boiling or washing clothes at a high temperature for at least 30 minutes will help get rid of them. The higher the temperature, the sooner and more surely the insect will die.

The rest of the items must be carefully treated with a steamer or iron. Heat guns will also help in cleansing the house from parasites.

In summer, you can pack your things in black bags and take them out in the sun.

But the death of bedbugs will occur only with direct contact with heat, if during processing they hide deeper from the heat source, then the temperature rise will be non-lethal for it.

Ultraviolet rays are also harmful to these insects. Therefore, drying household items in the sun will also help.

Cold exposure

Bed bugs can survive temperatures as low as -10 ° C for about three weeks [2]. To quickly destroy them, you need to lower the temperature. How long do bed bugs live? Larvae and adult insects die at -16 ˚C in 82, and at -24 ˚C in 24 hours. Items can be placed in the freezer or taken outside if it’s freezing outside.

Large temperature changes can kill bed bugs.

Popular folk remedies

  • He can help, but only if they fill the nest itself. It is mainly used to scare away. When making a home remedy for bedbugs, vinegar is mixed with ethyl alcohol and naphthalene.
  • It can only work on hard surfaces away from fire, as it is flammable. The smell of the substance is unpleasant and erodes for a long time. The product may stain.
  • Ammonia diluted in water. Spray on the surface. This should be done only with open windows.
  • Kerosene can also help fight bed bugs. A paper or cloth moistened with a substance is placed at all points of the possible habitat of insects.
  • Boric acid. The powder is scattered in places where parasites are located.

If these methods did not help, then you cannot do without chemistry. Bed bug sprays and powders are available in almost all stores. The result from their use is approximately the same.

But the most effective way is to see a specialist. Prepare the apartment before the disinfector arrives.

It is necessary to do a thorough wet cleaning, curtains, bed linen and things to be washed at a high temperature (at least 60 degrees). You also need to move the furniture away from the walls and cover all the equipment (so that the solution does not damage). We’ll have to de-energize the wiring in order to be able to process the sockets. Remove dishes and food in advance.

To make a solution from bed bugs, you will need water, so you cannot block access to it.


Vacuum all areas where parasites can be found. Rub the seams of upholstered furniture with a stiff brush – this will make it easier to collect insects and their eggs.

Then clean the vacuum cleaner thoroughly. Seal the trash in a plastic bag and discard.

how to get rid of bed bugs

Pack everything you can

Place all contaminated items in plastic bags. Try a zippered cover on your mattress to prevent bugs from getting through.

It is important that the packaging is airtight. This will prevent insects from crawling and leave them without food. They can do without it for up to a year. Then the insects will die. You can wait or speed up the process.

Get rid of the shelters

Fill up cracks in furniture, around sockets and baseboards, and glue loose wallpaper. Try to keep the room free of secluded spots and unnecessary items on the floor next to the bed.

Also, move the bed or sofa at least 15 cm away from the wall to prevent the bugs from jumping towards you.

Use chemicals

Even if it seems that you got rid of bed bugs while cleaning, it is still worth treating the house with insecticides.

For this, agents based on pyrethrin, cypermethrin, chlorfenapyr, chlorpyrifos, neonicotinoids, imiprothrin or fenthion are usually used.

Bed bugs are sold in the form of sprays, powders, and liquids. Read the instructions for use carefully and follow them. Use a respirator, goggles and gloves when handling. The same situation you may face with moles in your yard or garden. To know how to deal with or how to get rid of moles in your backyard look through this information.

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Where do bed bugs hide

You should look for parasites where you sleep.

Examine carefully:

– seams of a mattress, sofa, armchairs and other upholstered furniture; – joints of sofa cushions;

– spring block of a mattress or sofa;

– any cracks in the furniture;

– folds of bed linen;

– folds of curtains;

– skirting boards;

– the space under the carpet, especially next to the skirting boards;

– places under paintings, mirrors and other hanging objects;

– sockets and switches, especially slots around them;

– rarely used bedding and clothing;

– books;

– peeling paint, peeling wallpaper, cracks in the plaster;

– the joints of wallpaper and ceiling.

Walk through these and other secluded spots with a flashlight and magnifying glass. You may have to look for parasites at night – while they are active.

where do bed bugs hide

How to prevent bed bugs

Here are some tips:

Before bringing used furniture or other items into your home, check carefully for bed bugs.

Do not scatter clothing or other items on the floor.

Frequently wash bedding, curtains and carpets, and clean furniture.

In hotels, be sure to check the seams on the mattress and other spots that bed bugs love. Place your luggage not on the floor, but on a table, wardrobe or dresser.


In general, bed bugs can appear anywhere. They live next to people. When there are a lot of them, part of the population remains to live where it was, and the rest go to neighbors through communications, ventilation holes, cracks.

Do I need to contact the management company? Management companies must carry out disinfestation of basements and garbage chambers. But the apartment is the area of ​​responsibility of the tenants.

Many, having noticed bugs in the house, begin to fight with their own methods. For example, they use lavender. But if we take into account the fact that the resistance of parasites grows every year (the so-called immunity) to professional chemicals, then, alas, the smell of lavender will not destroy them. But you can try to protect your home from migration from neighboring rooms, since the smell of lavender has some deterrent effect for these parasites. For example, you can arrange bags of lavender in linen drawers and baseboards along the walls adjacent to “suspicious” neighbors.

Also, I do not advise getting rid of bed bugs using products purchased in ordinary stores. They do not act on the entire part of the population, because the active substances are diluted there in very small quantities. Only a specialist can maintain the correct concentration of the substance in order to kill all bed bugs.

Folk methods, it seems to me, are completely irrelevant and do not help. If you notice bites, you need to see a specialist.

Bed bugs are one of the most difficult parasitic insects to remove. First, they are not immediately detectable with the naked eye. Secondly, they multiply very quickly and can do without food (blood) for a long time (more than a year). Thirdly, they adapt very well to insecticides (chemicals). You have to use several active ingredients.

If the apartment is heavily contaminated, focal disinfection is carried out. After two to three weeks, the procedure is repeated for prophylaxis and can be carried out two to three times. In half of the cases, you have to throw out the furniture – and only after all the stages of disinfection have been carried out, can you bring in a new one. After disinfection, even if the bug crawls to the neighbors, it will die there.

The biggest difficulty in killing bed bugs is that people are embarrassed to admit that they have these parasites and try to fight with folk methods. As a result, this can lead to a greater spread, since bedbugs multiply very quickly. If such a problem arises, be sure to inform the neighbors so that they check their apartment. And disinfectants will already have a comprehensive solution to the issue.

To prevent such unpleasant guests, you need to protect the apartment in advance. Risers and ventilation shafts must be covered with a fine mesh, all cracks must be sealed.


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Date: 08.12.2021