How to Get Rid of Gnats in House

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How to get rid of Gnats

It is one thing to meet a cloud of gnats in nature, but it is completely different when gnats chase you at home. We used to call everything small with wings a gnat, but behind this word there are many varieties of insects. Each of them has their own motives to settle in your apartment, their tastes and their weaknesses. Let’s figure out who they are – your uninvited neighbors – and how to get rid of gnats forever.

Table of Contents

  1. Where do gnats come from?
  2. How to get rid of gnats in your house
  3. How to get rid of gnats in the kitchen
  4. How to get rid of gnats in plants
  5. How to get rid sewer gnats
  6. Do a general cleaning
  7. Prophylaxis
  8. Popular questions and answers
  9. Video how to get rid of Gnats

Where do gnats come from?

Of all the abundance of insects in apartments, two or three species of gnats most often settle. The most common are fruit flies, or fruit flies. They are usually found in spoiled fruits and vegetables – they are attracted to the smell of fermentation.

They are harmless, but very annoying. These insects enter the apartment along with the harvested crops or groceries bought in the store. In the warmth, they wake up, and then begin to actively multiply.

– Drosophila is a model object of geneticists, thanks to this fly the structure of DNA has been discovered and now many scientific and medical discoveries are being made.

In addition to fruit gnats, other insects are found in houses.

– In apartments you can often find sciaridae (mushroom mosquitoes) living in the soil in pots with indoor plants. These are small, less than 1 mm, black gnats, their larvae develop in the ground. They do not harm plants, only aesthetic dislike, – says Mikhail Krivosheev. – Worse are whiteflies, plant pests – their larvae feed on the sap of indoor flowers.

Many gnats are attracted to moisture. They love to live in basements and any places where it is damp, rotten or moldy. Therefore, by the way, gnats often appear where garbage is taken out.

– The same basement gnats are capable of flying into apartments, and often they are the ones who bother the residents of the first three floors.

What to do when your basement is flooding  just read a useful article on this web site .By the way this is the reason why basement gnats appear there.

How to get rid of Gnats

How long do gnats live

Normally  gnats can live about 7 to 10 days

How to get rid of gnats in your house

We look for and eliminate the source

Efficiency: high

Price: Free

The most difficult thing here is to find the source of the gnats. If you’re dealing with fruit gnats, go over your vegetable and fruit stocks. Take away everything that is rotten and throw it away, and wash the rest and ideally place it in the refrigerator or on the balcony – where it is colder. Watch out for those fruits that have traces of falls or blows, these deteriorate faster than others.

If you are overwhelmed by gnats that love moisture, the tactics are somewhat different.

– If gnats have chosen a flower, then most likely it is watered too often. The wet soil is contaminated, so the plant will need to be transplanted. If they are started by rotting organic debris, dispose of it.

In the case of mushroom gnats, you can use the top drainage: pour fine expanded clay, gravel or sand over the soil in a pot. Such drainage will dry quickly and insects will not be able to lay eggs, so it will be possible to get rid of gnats in the apartment soon.

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Efficiency: Medium

Price: 10-20 dollars

To get rid of gnats that love the smell of sweet and fermented, you can trick. There are many instructions on the network on how to assemble a fruit fly trap from available tools. For example, you can pour any sweet liquid into a deep bowl, be it apple cider vinegar, beer, or honey.

From above, you need to pull a transparent film over the bowl and make holes in it with a toothpick so that the flies can easily soak their wings, but they could not fly out. Let the trap stand for a while where the most gnats fly. Later, check how many fruit flies fell for your trick and found their inglorious end in the bowl.

If you are too lazy to collect the trap yourself, you can buy it in the store.

Duct tape

Efficiency: Medium

Price: 1-5 dollars

If there are a lot of insects and there is no time to wait until they all fall into the trap, use an old proven tool – sticky tape for flies. Place it near fruit or near an affected plant so that as many flyers as possible are captured. To be more effective, it is worth sprinkling something odorous on the tape so that it attracts gnats.


Efficiency: high

Price: 5-10 dollars

– To remove gnats in the apartment once and for all, you can use purchased insecticides.

Spray them on shelves, shelves, and window sills where potted plants are. Spray the area near the trash can and all the nooks and crannies of the apartment where the humidity is high. Make sure that there is no food, utensils, or pets in the processing area – move the cages with hamsters and birds away.

Use mosquito fumigators. If you plug them into an outlet near the places that gnats have chosen, it will scare them away.

You can also use insecticides to treat potted soil. In gardening stores, you can find chemicals in the form of granules that, when added to the soil, will poison all unwanted guests.


Efficiency: high

Price: 15- 35 dollars

Gnats are often found in abundance where they are rarely cleaned. Such an atmosphere attracts not only gnats, but also other insects, in which case it is more profitable to hit all the “residents” at once.

– It is more effective than store and folk remedies, of course, to call professionals who will carry out pest control, and at the same time poison cockroaches and bedbugs. The drugs that are now used are not dangerous for people and animals and act exclusively on insects.

Disinfectors usually use a cold fog generator. With its help, insecticides are split into tiny particles and cover all surfaces in the processing area – this is a sure way to get gnats out of the apartment once and for all. However, such processing is troublesome for the owners of the apartment: you will have to vacate the house for a while, and then carry out a thorough cleaning.

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how to get rid of gnats in house


How to get rid of gnats in the kitchen

This part of an apartment or house often becomes their habitat, because it is here that the food that interests them is located. You can solve this problem – how to get rid of fruit gnats in the kitchen – in three steps. Sometimes it is enough to use one of the above methods, and in some cases it is necessary to resort to a whole range of measures.

Conduct an audit

Hygiene is the main way to get rid of gnats in an apartment. It is important to deprive the insects of food, and then they will have to leave on their own. What can be done for this?

  • You need to regularly sort out vegetables, which are harvested in large quantities for the cold seasons. If among them there are spoiled, rotten foods, they must be thrown away.
  • It is important to protect bulk products from moisture, and for this they must be stored in closed containers. They also need to be sorted out, making sure that there are no insects or their larvae in them.
  • Perishable food, including fruit, must be kept in the refrigerator.
  • Wash the bread bin thoroughly from time to time, let it dry completely, and only after completing these measures, place baked goods in it.
  • You should regularly loosen the soil in pots with houseplants, remove leaves that have fallen, thoroughly wipe the containers outside, and wash the pellet using cleaning agents. If you find insects in plants, in the ground, the latter must be replaced with a new one.
  • Get rid of the debris, and the bucket for it needs to be washed using disinfectants;
  • Add pet food just before eating it. Place the leftovers in the refrigerator and wash the food bowl regularly.
  • Keep your refrigerator clean and free of spoiled food.

how to get rid of gnats in plants

How to get rid of gnats in plants

It is difficult to cope with earthen gnats in pots. A large number of insects around plants is a signal that they have already filled the flowers with their offspring. The most effective way is to completely replace the soil and wash the plants and the pots themselves. In this case, you first need to throw out the old earth and treat the windowsill from insects. Then you can replant the flowers. And henceforth, do not flood the plants so that the gnats do not return.

How to get rid sewer gnats

Drain flies can fill a bathroom in a matter of days. Therefore, it is important to take a comprehensive approach to fixing the problem. We need to start with cleaning.

First of all, it is worth getting rid of all dirty and wet rags, sponges, mops. Damp, dirty laundry should be washed and removed from the room. All surfaces where water accumulates should be washed and wiped dry. After this stage, you can start plumbing.

Any means for cleaning pipes will eliminate the place of accumulation of gnats in the sewer. It must be poured into all drain holes and into the toilet.

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After killing insects, it is important to maintain an inappropriate environment in the bathroom.

It is necessary to remove blockages in time and monitor the cleanliness of the plumbing. If the bathtub is humid, you can often dry the room with heaters or keep the door open for air circulation. And it is better to select a basket for dirty laundry, the air in which will not stagnate and the clothes will not damp.

Do a general cleaning to pretect from house gnats

One of the main rules of how to get gnats out of an apartment is to perform a general cleaning. Here are some things to look out for when cleaning:

  • It is necessary to wash the stove well, paying attention to the side walls and the oven.
  • You also need to wash the microwave thoroughly.
  • Be sure to treat hard-to-reach places – under the sink, behind the stove, tables, refrigerator, etc.
  • Thoroughly clean the floor, and not only in the kitchen, but throughout the apartment.
  • The sink drain deserves special attention, because it is there that food waste often remains.

To find out what causes excessive dust in a house we recommend you read these tips and you will solve this problem quickly.

Gnats bugs – prophylaxis

Observe the following measures:

  • Keep your apartment clean.
  • Remove spoiled food from the refrigerator in time.
  • Immediately after fruit treats, take all waste outside into the trash can.
  • Remove leaves that fall from plants immediately, do not water them too abundantly. It is recommended to sprinkle the surface of the earth with sand or lay decorative stones on it.
  • Make sure that tables, sinks, bathtub, and stove are always dry.

What harm do gnats do?

Most of these gnats are harmless to humans and perhaps annoying with their flickering.

– Sciarids do not harm either people or plants. Fruit flies of Drosophila are also harmless and feed only on decaying plant debris and rotten plants. But whiteflies are dangerous for flowers, as they feed on their juices.

Biting gnats are, most often, migratory individuals – gnats.

What scares away gnats?

People say that strong odors such as mint, horseradish or lavender scare off flies, but these folk remedies have not been proven to work.

– The same fruit flies can develop on any rotting plants, including onions and garlic. So at least the smell of these plants will not scare away fruit flies.

– They say that gnats do not like the smell of geraniums. How true this is, we cannot know until we have tried it ourselves.

On the other hand, these funds are very budgetary, so you can go for experiments.


Video how to get rid of Gnats

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