How to Make Money Roses – Instructions. Or How To Make Cash Flowers?

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how to make сash flowers

Money Roses – creatively fold banknotes into origami flowers. Money rose bouquets are a really creative idea for folding cash for example to the wedding. In these step-by-step instructions we will show you how to fold cash in order to fold particularly beautiful cash flowers (we have 2 different casht flower gift versions for this).

Table of Contents

    1. How to fold money into a money roses- 1st variant
    2. How to fold money into a flower – 2nd variant
    3. Attach money roses to paper stalks
    4. Fill the vase with decorative sand
    5. Put money roses in the vase
    6. Other money flower ideas
    7. Video how to make money roses

If you want to make a money gift for a wedding, or money bouquet then the wedding vase is an ideal match. But also for Christmas, birthdays, Mother’s Day, etc. There are beautiful personalized money rose vases that you can use for them.

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make сash flowers

Required materials:

  • 2 or 3 banknotes for 1 flower each
  • Skewers or colorful paper straws
  • Adhesive tape (e.g. removable adhesive tape)
  • Craft wire
  • Personalized wedding vase (e.g. from Personello)
  • 2 kg of decorative sand in the matching colors
  • Scissors

how to make a money rose bouquet

How to fold money into a money roses- 1st variant

How to fold money into a flower - 1st variant

For this money gift flower, the banknotes are folded like this:

origami money rose

money rose from one dollar

how to make a rose out of money

money rose origami

money rose origami instructions

money flowers

how to make money flowers

how to make flowers out of money

flowers made out of money

First, you put the bill across the table in front of you and fold the bill once from the lower edge to the upper edge of the bill. Then unfold it again and fold in all 4 corners. Then fold the bill up to the middle at the top and bottom and then fold it up again.

The folding of the banknote must now be repeated 3 times. Then wrap the folded banknotes in the middle with the craft wire. Now you can automatically make the origami flowers from the individual banknotes. The money is now unfolded in such a way that a money flower is created. This is how easy it is to fold money into a flower!


How to fold money into a flower – 2nd variant

money flowers diy

The money flower folding goes like this:

To fold this money flower, you first lay the banknote vertically on the table. Then you start to fold over a small piece of the banknote on the lower side. Now just turn the bill over and fold it further, so that an accordion-like shape is created.

Repeat folding the bill with another bill. Then bend the two folded banknotes in the middle and wrap them with craft wire. Then glue the banknotes together at the 4 open spots with a small piece of adhesive tape.

Now the creative folding of banknotes is finished and pretty money rose bouquet has been created while doing handicrafts.

flowers out of money

How to fold money into a flower - 2nd variant

money flowers flowers with money flowers with money instructions how to make flowers out of money diy How to fold money into a flower - 2nd variant

money flowers oregami

Attach money flowers to paper stalks

The folded banknotes are then attached to the skewers or paper stalks with the decorative wire. Only now does the money roses really come into its own.

Fill the vase with decorative sand

It is best to use the decorative sand in two different colors for the personalized wedding vase. Now the sand is poured alternately into the cash gift flower vase so that a beautiful pattern is created. This also makes personalization more effective. We used around 2 kg of sand in total for the vase.

In contrast to folding banknotes, this step is very quick, but you should still allow yourself enough time so that the pattern looks good, because here you only have one try.

Put money flowers in the vase

The folded banknotes or money flowers are now simply put into the sand – a creative money gift and a beautiful eye-catcher.

Now simply pack the vase with the banknotes or money gift flowers well and the creative money gift for the wedding or other occasions is ready.

Other money flower ideas

If you want to fold a flower out of money, you can also choose other shapes such as the tulip or rose. Such origami flowers from banknotes are a wonderful money gift for any occasion! If you like any handmade things we recommend you to read our new topic about woodworking stuff and creating a lovely diy dollhouse.

Video how to make money roses

Date: 17.10.2021

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