Microwave Oven Repair Recommedation And Methods of Repair



A microwave oven repair

Thanks to the microwave oven, it becomes possible to save time by defrosting semi-finished products or heating ready-to-eat meals. We are so accustomed to this kitchen assistant that we can no longer imagine our kitchen without it.

Table of Contents

  1. How is a microwave oven designed and what are its functions
  2. Which malfunctions are most common and methods of repair
  3. How is correct to maintain the microwave in order
  4. Video how to repair a microwave oven

How is a microwave oven designed and what are its functions

Microwaves are good, but not timeless. The fact that the device has broken is not really encouraging, but it can be solved. For example, you can try to solve it yourself, or you can contact the microwave repair service. When deciding to repair yourself, you should know how the microwave works.

A microwave oven consists of many details, for example, it is worth knowing that the magnetron is responsible for heating. You also need to understand that the plate rotates thanks to the motor, the blowing occurs due to the fan, and so on.

But not all microwave ovens have the same spare parts. After all, there are different models, for example, in an ordinary microwave there is no heating element for grilling, but in a microwave with a grill and convection, this detail is. Therefore, you should understand that you can find out the design of your device by carefully studying the instructions.

If you yourself want to repair a microwave oven, then you need to understand how the device works, and what is responsible for rotting at least some in it. The heating of food in a microwave oven is carried out due to the influence of electromagnetic radiation.

A magnetron is a diode that generates electromagnetic waves. The anode, in the form of a cylinder with a rod cathode with a channel filament, releases electrons. The standard power of the magnetron is 800 W.

During the operation of the microwave oven, the magnetron generates a lot of heat, so it must be placed in a plate radiator, which is blown by air from a fan all the time. In addition, the magnetron is also equipped with a thermal fuse to protect against overheating.

The fan is another important component in the design of a microwave oven. The fan blows around the magnetron, the grill, the working chamber, from which air and water vapor are removed by blowing. The air ducts inside the microwave circulate the air that the fan receives from the outside.

The microwave oven is equipped with a shielded chamber with metal protection of the case, which does not allow radiation to penetrate outside. The door should fit snugly against the body and not be skewed, even the slightest.

The control unit maintains the set power and, after the set time, turns off the microwave. In more modern models of microwave ovens, there may also be programs for defrosting or cooking, a power indicator, a clock, a signal for the end of work, and other functions.

How is a microwave oven designed and what are its functions

Which malfunctions are most common and methods of repair

  1. The microwave does not turn on. First, you need to check if the cord is working, and also pay attention to the fit of the outlet, and then check the microwave fuses for serviceability. You should also try plugging the microwave into a different outlet. If replacing the fuse did not fix the malfunction of the microwave, then most likely the cause of the malfunction is a diode or transformer short circuit.
  2. Periodic self-switching on/off the microwave. In most cases, the reason is a malfunction of the fan, replacing which will help solve the problem.
  3. The lighting is missing. The lighting comes on during the operation of the microwave oven, as well as when the door is opened. Lighting problems occur most often due to a burnout of a light bulb. The light bulb can be replaced independently, in other cases the intervention of a specialist is necessary.
  4. The appearance of sparking and burning smell. The reason is the burnt mica plate. If the plate is not replaced in time, it will be fraught with the appearance of more serious damage.
  5. The microwave does not heat. This malfunction is signaled by the following symptoms: the pan rotates, there is lighting, the grill is functioning, but there is no heating. In most cases, the problem is a malfunctioning magnetron. Otherwise, the cause of the malfunction may be: a failed capacitor, high voltage diode, fuse or transformer. To identify the cause of the malfunction and troubleshoot, it is better to contact a microwave repair service.
  6. The display is faulty (the panel does not light up when the microwave oven is turned on). In such a situation, it is necessary to check the presence of voltage in the outlet, as well as the serviceability of the fuses.
  7. The cymbal does not rotate or rotates manually. The microwave oven is equipped with a glass plate that rotates while the microwave is operating for efficient heating. The plate rotates on plastic wheels located under it. If the dish is not spinning, the casters may be the problem. The casters should be checked, sometimes they become clogged with food debris, making it difficult to rotate. If no mechanical factors block the rotation of the pan, then the problem is a malfunction of the plate motor.
  8. Buttons do not work. The keyboard can fail due to the following reasons: breakage of the conductive tracks of the membrane keyboard, sticking to the membrane contacts, loss of contact at the junction of the connector and the loop. In most cases, replacing the control panel will solve the problem.

Which malfunctions are most common and methods of repair

How is correct to maintain the microwave in order

To extend the life of the microwave, you must follow a few simple rules:

  1. Do not place metal utensils in the working chamber of the microwave oven.
  2. Do not cook foods containing a large amount of liquid (for example, eggs or tomatoes) in the microwave, as they can break when heated and stain the appliances.
  3. Do not turn on an empty microwave – this may cause a malfunction of the magnetron.
  4. Timely take preventive measures, timely replace worn-out components.
  5. Keep equipment clean.
  6. Use an uninterruptible power supply to prevent power surges.

How is correct to maintain the microwave in order


If the microwave oven stops turning on or does not heat, then, first of all, the reason for the inoperability of the household appliance must be correctly established. Correct diagnostics using digital measuring devices will allow you to repair such complex equipment as a microwave oven with minimal costs.

Questions and answers

Are microwaves worth repairing?

To begin with, you still need to inspect the microwave both outside and inside. It is quite possible that the malfunction is cheap. For example, you may need to clean a place with a mica plate. Perhaps you need to change it. The main unit is the one that creates microwaves. Clean it from digging, and after that, it will work. If it is out of order, then, of course, it is easier to buy a new microwave.

How do you fix a microwave oven?

To repair this device, you only need to know the basic elements of the circuit that ensure its operation. Among them:

  • Magnetron
  • Transformer
  • High voltage fuse
  • Rectifier diode
  • Capacitor
  • Control block

Search for breakage in a microwave oven is based on “symptoms”. This allows you to gradually exclude possible causes and find the real one. So, if the oven does not turn on at all, then it is worth checking the following points:

  • The integrity of the power cord
  • Door position and closing system
  • Mains fuse and thermal relay status

What would cause a microwave to stop working?

There are many reasons why the microwave does not work. This can be a global breakdown that requires the help of a specialist, or an annoying trifle that is easy to fix on your own. In any case, this article will help you diagnose and correct problems.

Common microwave oven malfunctions.

What can break in a microwave oven? Yes, a lot of things! For example:

  • The device does not show signs of life – it does not turn on, does not hum and, of course, does not heat up.
  • Shines, but does not warm.
  • Warms, but does not shine.
  • The inner plate does not rotate.
  • The device emits strange sounds that are not typical for it.
  • Buttons do not work.
  • The door does not close.
  • Doesn’t turn off.
  • The display shows an error code.

Another useful article is about how to unclog a dishwasher
How much does it cost to fix a microwave oven?

An average price to fix the microwave is from $50 to $400, everything depends on the materials and details that need to be repaired.

Video how to repair a microwave oven

Date: 15.06.2021

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