What should you know about chimney repair and how much does it cost

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What should you know about chimney repair and how much does it cost

Most summer residents and owners of private homes often ask the question: how to repair the chimney and how much it will cost. This article will definitely answer these questions.

Table Contents

  1. How to assess the complexity of chimney repair work
  2. Necessary repairs of the chimney: natural and artificial causes
  3. How to repair chimney: the main options
  4. How to deal with cracks at the chimney
  5. Chimney crown repair
  6. Works on restoration of a chimney cap
  7. Complete relocation of the chimney pipe

The chimney, like any other engineering system, requires maintenance and periodic repairs. The essence of maintenance of the chimney flue – in cleaning its inner surfaces from soot. This procedure can be performed independently with the help of special tools. But the main things in chimney repair can appear as a really complicated process.

How to assess the complexity of chimney repair work

Repairs, cleaning of chimneys, pollution, masonry, etc. are blindly prohibited, as this can have serious consequences. Then any work of this kind should begin with the inspection of chimneys and ventilation ducts.Today for these prices video cameras, computer analysis are used.

A technical opinion, includes:

  • description of the system status of the chimney;
  • schemes of the chimney (if necessary);
  • photo materials, measures required for repair of the chimney or other measures to bring the systems in compliance with regulations issued by a special Act of inspection of chimneys and ventilation ducts. By the way, without such an act it is forbidden to connect gas or replace the boiler. When applying the current norms of station designs should be checked annually.

Necessary repairs of the chimney: natural and artificial causes

There are a number of reasons why you must do the chimney repair. This can happen with natural causes, for example, due to aging over time or due to the influence of natural forces – often to more snow, hail, different temperatures. And for this reason you need the chimney repair. Water that has been absorbed into the masonry, periodically freezes, then thaws, which affects the creation of a crack. This, in its variation, led first to the decipherment of small fragments of brick, and then to the publication of whole.

Although the management of integral masonry can also be associated with:

  • using bricks that do not meet the requirements of laying the tube;
  • poor quality masonry;
  • exposure to condensate;
  • absence or incorrect design of a protective umbrella, etc.

Hollow chimneys provide more reliability than just maintenance requirements.

The explanation is simple: the solution, spending in the process of laying in the voids of the brick, becomes its liquefied buffer, which absorbs moisture that has seeped into the seam.

In contrast, in the version with a monolithic purpose, if the masonry is not sealed to ensure its reliability when expanding the mortar seam of large size. As a result, the roof of the chimney often leaks. Similar problems are usually used when using poor quality mortar for masonry, as well as excess or lack of one of its components: sand or water.

The service life of the chimney is also associated with the operating conditions of heating appliances, its intensity. Under the influence of a constant influx of heat from the furnace, the chimney becomes quite warm in winter, so it does not hold snow, ice crust does not grow. However, if the pipe is not heated for a very long time, and then heats up sharply to a high temperature, then serious problems can occur. And for this reason, you will need to do the chimney repair.

How to repair chimney

How to repair chimney: the main options

If the chimney flashing pipe was made by an experienced mason and used high-quality materials, then under the condition of proper operation before the overhaul, the chimney can last 15-30 years. With regular maintenance, this period can be extended. To do this, the outer surfaces of the pipe are usually completely treated with a special penetrating waterproofing, which prevents moisture from penetrating the seams of the brickwork. If you do everything in the right way you won’t need the chimney repair for a year for sure.

In the first couple of years it is recommended to carry out such processing of chimney repair twice a year, and further enough once. If you do all these rules you won’t need chimney flashing repair so often.

How to deal with cracks at the chimney

Brick chimney repair in the event of cracks on the body of the flashing pipe should be carried out as soon as possible, preferably before frost:

  • the crack and the area around it is first cleaned with a metal brush;
  • dust and small crumbs are removed with a brush with stiff bristles;
  • completely filled with silicone sealant;
  • they also smear the entire area adjacent to the crack area.

It is important to make sure that after such chimney repair, rainwater or snow does not get into the crack. Otherwise, it is possible that the most seemingly innocent crack in masonry will quickly increase to catastrophic proportions.

Chimney crown repair

Chimney crown repair

Chimney crown – is most of the concrete chimney. It protects other integral and important components of the chimney, including bricks, seams, fireplace and mortar, helping to get the most out of the chimney. If you notice cracks or spills, follow these steps to effectively chimney repair and restore the chimney crown.

Step 1: Remove the old chimney crown
To begin, cover the roof by placing a cloth on it to protect it during operation. Then remove the old or previously installed chimney crown, tearing the concrete around it with a chisel and hammer. Starting from one corner is a good idea, and it is recommended to work carefully and neatly so as not to touch the chimney. Collect the scrap pieces in a bucket.

Step 2: Create your mixture
Make a dry mixture of cement masonry with half a bag of pea gravel. Before adding water, make sure that your mixture is homogeneous. Now put a new crown on the wheelbarrow, adding it to the mixture. From time to time add a little water, taking into account the consistency. When you are going to reach the target or desired thickness, pour one cup of binder into the mixture and mix thoroughly. It’s a small part of chimney repair.

Step 3: Add cement
Put some of the cement mixtures in a bucket and transfer to your roof. Dig your cement with a trowel and consistently pour it over the chimney, covering the entire chimney. When finished, cut the cement with the corner of the trowel.

Step 4: Place the Crown
Determine if your flue sticks out less than or more than 6 inches in total. If it sticks out more than 6 inches, form the chimney crown about 4 inches higher than where it connects to the chimney. If it stays smaller than this, build a crown exactly 2 inches from the top of the chimney.

Finally, use a trowel to create a pyramid shape that slopes away from the chimney. Make sure that the chimney becomes the center of the chimney crown, and apply cement around it, smoothing out any irregularities. Finally, apply water sealant to the chimney to complete the project.

Works on restoration of a chimney cap

Even regular maintenance can not completely protect against the effects of snow and ice, rainwater. And first of all the chimney cap suffers from it. If there is a need to chimney cap repair, it is usually cut down and refilled. This process in itself is simple, but since the repair of the flashing pipe is carried out at high altitudes, it must be carefully prepared – to build comfortable scaffolding, ladders, and fences.

Half-destroyed chimney cap can be easily cut with a hammer, but it is better to cut it into small pieces with a Bulgarian knife, carefully remove them and, folding in a bucket, lower from the roof. You know now, that chimney repair takes much strength and time.

Often, in addition to the chimney cap repair, the uppermost sections of ceramic chimneys are also destroyed. It is recommended to replace or repair these parts before filling the chimney cap. It is also necessary to carefully inspect all the seams of the brickwork adjacent to the head. If necessary (they are weakened and crumble), the seams are opened with a Bulgarian, washed and sealed with fresh solution.

Prices for Brick and Crack chimney repaire

Prices for Brick and Crack chimney repaire

Average cost of such a brick and crack repair will be between $200 – $2000. As we told earlier it depends on how big the problem is.

Chimney repair caused with Water, Snow, Heat

The price here is not big, but it can be from $200 to $400. Every year or even season you should check the work of your chimney. And you won’t spend much on its repair.

Chimney crown repair price

Chimney crown repair will cost you from $200 to $400. Chimney crowns’ are a very important part of the whole chimney. So because of its damage, the chimney repair will be very valuable.

Date: 04.05.2021