What You Should do When Your Toilet Keeps Running Helpfull Tips

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What You Should do When Your Toilet Keeps Running Helpfull Tips

Why the toilet keeps running and how to fix the running toilet – you will find out in this article.

Table of Contents

  1. What to do if the toilet is running?
  2. What to do if it flows under the toilet.
  3. How to eliminate leaks in the toilet on the corrugation.
  4. Loose bolts are a common cause of leaks under the toilet.
  5. A pipe is leaking in the toilet behind the toilet: what to do.

What to do if the toilet water keeps running- sealing with your own hands.

When the plumbing works smoothly, no one pays attention to it, but as soon as problems arise, they have to be solved urgently. Toilet running is a big problem. For example, if a pipe flows behind the toilet or another joint leak, it is unreasonable to ignore the situation, otherwise, you can fill your own bathroom and flood the neighbors below. Solving the problem of toilet running doesn’t take much time if you do everything right.

Why does the corrugation leak in connection with the toilet, in what other joints can water leak and what can be done to eliminate the problem? It might be in different zones – maybe the toilet flapper or toilet bowl is the reason for the toilet running. Now we will tell you about everything so that you can repair the toilet with your own hands if necessary.

What to do if the toilet water keeps running- sealing with your own hands

Running water at the junction between the toilet bowl

One of the common reasons why water keeps running in the toilet is skew or damage of the gasket. If you just bought a new toilet, and at the junction with the tank dripping, it is the wrong installation or marriage of a rubber gasket.

If the toilet has been in use for some time, it is probably due to the crack of the gasket or the skew of the tank (for example, someone pressed hard on it from the side). If so then you will need to check the toilet flapper. You can fix it on your own or buy a new toilet flapper and change it. But what to do if there is a leak between the toilet bowl and the tank due to the gasket, you should understand – the rubber seal needs to be replaced.

The algorithm is quite simple:

  • shut off the water supply and drain the water from the toilet bowl.
  • wet the running water on the bottom with a sponge or cloth, otherwise they will flow to the floor
  • unscrew the water supply hose from the toilet bowl
  • unscrew the screws that hold the toilet bowl to the toilet shelf, after which it can be removed
  • unscrew the lock nut that holds the drain
  • install a new gasket, smearing it with silicone (gaskets differ in shape and size, so it is better to choose by example)
  • collect everything in reverse order

Fill the toilet bowl with water and make sure there are no more leaks at the joint.

What to do if there is a corrugation

If the toilet corrugation leaks or drips, you can also deal with this problem on your own. The most common cause is a dried seal. The rubber membrane loses elasticity over the years and may crack, resulting in gaps through which water oozes from the drain hole to the floor.

If possible, you need to dismantle the toilet to get more room for action, but this is not necessary. Your task is to remove the expired corrugation and clean the seats: the fan pipe and the branch on the bowl.

Smear the surfaces with plumbing silicone and put a new corrugation. It should sit quite tightly. Allow the silicone to set, waiting at least 1-2 hours, after which you can check that the corrugation of the toilet at the joint no longer flows.

In that case when it is impossible to dismantle a toilet bowl or in it there are difficulties, and it is impossible to remove a corrugation without it, it is possible to resort to one trick:

  1. Try not to flush the toilet for at least one day
  2. Climb under it, picking up a screwdriver (it is better to use a plastic or wooden stick)
  3. Carefully lift the corrugation at the junction with the toilet, which is leaking
  4. Pushing it out, squeeze a small portion of silicone inside
  5. Pending the corrugation in a circle, fill the entire cavity with silicone sealant

This method may not be the most productive, but it is quite effective. With its help, it is possible to eliminate a leak urgently with the minimum labor costs.

Tighten the loosened bolts

Another reason when the toilet is leaking at the joint is the loosening of the tank mounting bolts. They are usually metal or plastic. If the former can rust and break, the latter simply burst over time due to static load or if someone rests on the toilet bowl.

The problem is solved by replacing the bolts with new ones, and you need to act as follows:

  • shut off the water suitable for the toilet bowl and empty it
  • unscrew a flexible supply hose
  • remove the bolts (if they rust, it will not be easy to do, but be careful not to damage the fragile toilet bowl)
  • insert new bolts with gaskets and tighten (just do not overdo it)

If water keeps running in the toilet at the joint, tighten the bolts a little more to seal the toilet. The main thing is not to squeeze so that nothing bursts or cracks.

Tighten the loosened bolts

What to do if a pipe flows behind the toilet

The last reason for trouble with the running toilet is related to the fan pipe. How to close a drain pipe in a toilet if it is an old pig-iron branch and usual corrugations do not approach it?

The sewer pipe in the toilet often leaks when the toilet is installed on a cement mortar. Especially often such a method of installation meets in old apartments without repair. The method is quite simple and reliable but over time the pipe in the running toilet leaks. Gradually the putty cracks and crumbles, resulting in leaks. The remains of the solution are washed into the sewer, and the flow gradually increases.

If the sewer pipe in a toilet flows than to cover and how to make it correctly in our instruction:

  • take a narrow bit or flat screwdriver, as well as a small hammer
  • break the remaining putty
  • do not hit hard so as not to split the toilet outlet
  • clean dirt, dust, debris
  • fill the resulting void

If the sewer pipe in a toilet flows than to cover and how to make it

You can use a 1 to 1 solution of sand and cement diluted with water to seal the toilet, but this is not very convenient. It is better to use silicone sealant, which is sold in every hardware store.

What is the best sealant to use to seal the toilet? If the toilet is running below, you can tell the consultants in the store. Experienced plumbers recommend using a special sanitary sealant – it has good adhesion to sanitary ware.

If you have done everything, but the running toilet still flows, we recommend that you contact a professional.
Plumbing technicians will quickly determine the cause of the problem and eliminate the malfunction. If the pipes and plumbing are too worn out, it may be more rational to replace them.

In case you have problems with Air Conditioner or your AC not cooling the house you can read the article on how to fix such a problem?

Date: 23.05.2021

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